newsies: they almost kiss

This is a Darcie is kinda happy post.

I got pretty good tickets for me and Eliz to go see the Idol tour! :D


Section 112, Row E :D

It's my first concert and I've never been to the Idol tour, so I am excited!! I kinda wish I had gone in 2009, but I would have had no one to go with D: I suppose I could have dragged someone along. I dragged Liz along to see Spring Awakening with me when it opened, but since it's Idol, it's different, I guess~

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I realized though that just as the other shows I'm watching are ending (Glee, The Vampire Diaries, Idol), it's okay because soon enough Pretty Little Liars and Degrassi will start back up! Yayyyyy, tv.

I want to be a TV recapper but I feel like everything I say would be full of flail and capslock.
newsies: they almost kiss

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I will return to homework after this and respond to comments that I've yet to respond to but I'mma talk about Idol right now! It's a bit of a rant.

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I just have a lot of feelings.

So yeah, either tonight I'll be like "Fuck yeah" and watch The Vampire Diaries as a celebration or be sadface and need The Vampire Diaries as a comfort (even though it's getting to the point where people are dying so that's not going to be too comforting).

And oh my god, don't even get me started on The Voice. I love it so far. I'm so excited for next week and then the live shows!! I love how diverse the judging panel is (I mean, a country artist, a pop artist, an R&B artist, and an alternative artist!) and the fact that there are some contestants that are so open about being gay! I just. Ugh. Love it. I want more!