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Grallagher Hair fic

Johnny wasn't sure how to spring it on Jon that he had skipped shows that day to see him in Hair. He hadn't told Groff, and he didn't know if he would get why.

He decided not to watch in such an obvious place because he didn't want Jon to know he was practically stalking him, so he watched from a reasonable distance, and wore a hoodie with the hood over his head.. Even he had to admit that secretly seeing Hair just to see Jon as Claude was kind of creepy.

Seeing Hair might not have been the best idea. Johnny became incredibly jealous of the friendship between Claude and Berger. God, they seemed gayer together than Moritz and Melchior did, and that was hard to achieve. Johnny had to remind himself that Jon was just acting, that they would be back on stage together soon enough.

But still. It was kind of difficult not to care.

And Jon was so good as Claude. Johnny sure would have agreed to play Berger if he had been offered the part, just so he got to touch him more than he already did.

That was why Johnny was here. He had to tell Groff what had been going on with him for awhile. At first, he didn't understand why he thought the guy was sexy, or why his favorite parts of Spring Awakening were the ones during which Melchior and Moritz touched. A weird electricity shot through him every time they did touch. But Jon didn't seem to care as much as Johnny.

He almost became like Moritz in a way. He couldn't sleep very well, and his eating habits had changed drastically. He used to be able to eat HUGE ice cream sundaes without any trouble. Now he was hungry for one thing, but he couldn't have it. He could definitely see the parallels between his Spring Awakening character's friendship with Melchior and his own friendship with Jon, and it scared him.

Johnny stayed far away for awhile after the performance. Broadway paparazzi rushed to the whole cast and got what seemed like millions of pictures. Johnny watched Jon as he smiled good-naturedly for each one. He wished he had that kind of patience.

He stood far away until most people started clearing out and it was just the cast and crew of Hair left. Then Johnny started walking toward Jon, his heartbeat increasing faster and faster with each step. Finally, Jon seemed to sense is presence, and looked up at him, surprised.

But also pleased.

"Well. John Gallagher Jr." Groff said, smiling. "Is this why you skipped the show today?"

"This? Ummm. Why?" Johnny asked quickly, mentally kicking himself.

"So you didn't see the show." Jon concluded. What? He actually looked disappointed!

Johnny immediately corrected him. "No, I saw it."

"What'd you think?"

"It was a good show." Johnny told his friend awkwardly. God, why couldn't Jon just get the hint that he wanted to kiss him?

"Are you a fan of Hair or whatever?" Jon asked, a kind of smirk on his face. Oh my god, why did he have to do that? It drove Johnny crazy.

"I came to see you." Johnny admitted, looking awkwardly at the side for something, anything that he could pretend to focus on. Not Jon, though. He couldn't focus on Jon without doing something drastic.

"Hey, Johnny?"

Johnny glanced at Groff quickly, but then looked at the ground? "Yeah?"

"I would've come to see you too."

What? Johnny now knew he had to focus on Jon. Jon was so open, yet so mysterious, that he didn't completely understand. What did he mean? "You... would... have?"

Jon nodded, smiling at Johnny, kind of adoringly now. That was when Johnny decided to just go for it. He leaned in toward Jon, and surprisingly Jon did the same thing.

The kiss was sort of awkward at first. Not because of the feel - god, it felt so good and so right - but because they hadn't done this before. However, once Johnny got into it, he didn't want to stop. He wanted to feel Jon close to him and he suddenly didn't care who knew. If they were in the middle of a mall, he wouldn't cared, as long as Jonathan Groff was there with him.

"Have you eaten yet?" Jon asked, when the kiss ended.

"Ummmmm." Johnny replied. He was still in kiss-mode, so he was a little out of it. "No, I don't think I have."

"You don't think you have?" Jon teased. "Well, come to my place. You can have something there."

What an extremely suggestive statement, Johnny thought to himself. And usually Jon Groff came off as so innocent. However, he happily obliged, knowing that food wasn't the only thing he'd be tasting at Jon Groff's place that night.

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