Darcy (ilikehumanflesh) wrote,

prompt: georg & hanschen + glasses

"Must you wear those?"

Georg, who had been walking home his piano lessons, turned to see Hanschen leaning against a tree just staring at him.

"What are you talking about?" Georg asked, confused.

Hanschen rolled his eyes and walked closer to Georg. "Your glasses. Must you wear your glasses?"

"I need them to see." Georg replied, hoping his answer satisfied the strange boy. Hanschen had been in his class for as long as he could remember, but he had never once inquired about Georg's glasses. Hanschen was often the independent one in their class, though Georg had seen him with Ernst Robel quite a bit lately.

"What do you look like without your glasses?"

Georg could see that he wasn't going to get the other boy to leave him alone unless he humored him. Slowly, he reached up to his face and took off his glasses. The scene ahead of him became blurry, but he looked at Hanschen. "See?"

"May I try them on?"

What was going on? Why was Hanschen so obsessed with his glasses? Despite these questions, he handed his glasses, to Hanschen. Because he was near-sighted to could see what Hanschen sort of looked like with his glasses.

"How do I look, Georg?"

"Fine." Georg muttered. "May I have my glasses back now?"

"Not just yet." Hanschen replied, a creepy smirk on his face. "You must work for it."

"What?!" exclaimed Georg. "I need those to see!"

"Ernst and I are having a get-together this evening. Perhaps you'll join us."

"And then will I get my glasses back?" Georg sighed.

"You'll get your glasses back, and something else as well." Hanschen promised. Georg could barely make out the image of Hanschen winking at him.

"What does that mean?!" Georg yelled. He began thinking about the rumors that he had heard about Hanschen and Ernst - what they did during evenings when they said they were studying. He had overheard the girls talking about the two boys. They said that Hanschen and Ernst liked to kiss each other!

And now Hanschen was walking away, just wearing Georg's glasses. Georg quickly thought about it. What should he do? Should he follow Hanschen, and participate in the "get together" with him and Ernst? Or should he walk home, practically blind?

Georg groaned a bit, rolled his eyes, and took off after Hanschen.

Tags: fanfiction, musical: spring awakening
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