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suite life, ch 5

"So... you said all that mean stuff because... you love me?" Cody asked Zack. They still stood in the doorway.

"Yeah, well, saying that crap was the only thing I could think of to do." Zack admitted, taking Cody's hand, and leading him into the suite. The door shut and locked behind them.

Zack led Cody all the way to their own hotel room, and made sure that door was shut and locked behind them too, and then they just faced each other. Cody seemed nervous, but Zack could tell it wasn't a bad kind of nervous. Zack kissed him, and could practically feel Cody's nerves disappearing. Cody kissed him back with just as much enthusiasm, which Zack hadn't been expecting at all.

"Do you think... we should... be doing this...?" Cody asked, kissing Zack between every few words.

What was this? Suddenly Cody was asking him the morality questions? Cody was the one who usually had the good morals - Zack usually just did what he did regardless of how moral it was. He knew that Zack would just keep doing this. But maybe that was why Cody asked Zack - so that they wouldn't stop doing this.

"There's nothing wrong with this." Zack replied, his lips on Cody's neck. "Not if I love you." And not if you love me, Zack thought, but he didn't want to push it.

They made their way toward Zack's bed. Zack crawled on top of Cody and kissed him again. "I can't believe this is happening. You're perfect." Zack whispered against Cody's lips. In response to that, Cody kissed him back, hard. It was difficult to tell what his brother was thinking, but Zack knew that this was really turning Cody on. He could feel it through his pants.

Zack proceeded to take off his shirt and pants, and began working on Cody's button down shirt, still kissing him while doing so. Cody actually began helping him take off his clothes. Soon, the two boys were both stripped down to their underwear, still kissing. Zack was actually working his kisses all the way down Cody's body, making Cody moan more and more as Zack got lower and lower.

Zack then went back to Cody's face and stared into his eyes. "Cody, are we going to do... everything?"

Cody didn't say anything. He just nodded, smiling slightly.

"In that case, I need to get something. Wait here."

Zack got off the bed, and rummaged though his suitcase. He got out the lube he always kept handy, stood up, and kinda gazed at Cody. Cody looked back at him sort of shyly. He couldn't take being apart from Cody much longer so he crawled back onto the bed and kissed Cody again. "You looked really hot like that. I love you."

God, once he got started saying "I love you" to Cody, he couldn't stop. He never used to say it to anybody.

"If I looked hot like that, then you'd probably look hot if you were to do the same." Cody replied as Zack kissed him again.

"Hey, Codester, shut up." Zack said quietly, yet again beginning to kiss all the way down Cody's body.

And Cody did shut up. Well, at that moment anyway.

A moment later, their underwear was tossed to the floor.

Another moment later, Zack had lubricated Cody's ass (which Cody squirmed during) and his own erection.

He eased his way into Cody, holding onto him tightly, and let his instincts take it from there. While thrusting into Cody, he wrapped his right hand around Cody's erection. He stroked as he thrusted. As he did that, he asked Cody if he was alright and Cody just nodded.

Zack had never watched gay porn or read any gay books (unless being forced to read A Separate Peace in his sophomore year counted. He never really read on his own) so he wasn't sure he was doing it right, but he guessed he was because while Cody whimpered and moaned, he felt a pleasure break over him that he'd never felt before. "OH MY GOD, CODY!" Zack exclaimed as he orgasmed.

A little after Zack, Cody came, practically echoing the call, except with Zack's name.

The two boys looked at each other, seeing each other in a new light. Zack didn't know what they were now. He knew he loved Cody, but how did Cody feel about him? And would they be doing something like this again?

Who knew?

Cody obviously didn't want to think about it because he reached out and hugged Zack close to him. The two of them lay there practically the whole evening.

Until they got hungry.

o O o O o O o O o

They went to McDonald's despite Cody's protests that McDonald's food was unhealthy and gross. Zack didn't care. It was the only open place close by that wasn't a fancy restaurant.

The two had stopped in front of McDonald's and now stood there, debating about actually going inside.

"Fine. But I don't want anything!" Cody said as they finally walked in.

"Not even a McFlurry?" Zack asked teasingly. It was one of Cody's favorite ice creams even though he claimed he hated everything about McDonald's.

"Maybe a McFlurry... though that might make me cold."

"I'll warm you up when we get back." Zack replied casually.

Together, they walked to the counter to order.

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