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suite life, ch 4

"What... the... fuck, Zack!? What the fuck!!" Cody exclaimed at his brother as soon as they had left the girls and found a secluded area in an empty hallway in the closet building, which happened to be the science building.

Zack couldn't help but crack up when Cody burst out in a rage. The guy was not mean to swear. He so unded so awkward, and yet... so something else. Something appealing. The first thing that came to mind was "hot" but he pushed that thought away and focused on his brother's hilarious anger. Either way, Zack couldn't take Cody seriously when he swore because it was so rare, and it just wasn't like him.

"What?!" Cody yelled, "You think it's funny!? I meet some girls and you ruin it! You want to ruin my visit to Stanford, just so I don't go here, don't you?"

Zack shifted his eyes to the poster of weird science symbols behind Cody. "...No."

"You're lying! Yes, you do!" Cody exclaimed. "You're being a big baby, you know that? It's pathetic, Zack. But I always knew you'd act like this. It's really sad that you'd ruin my college visit just to keep me around."

"I hardly said anything. I could have said A LOT worse stuff, and you know it." Zack replied, trying to sound amused. He still couldn't look into Cody's eyes. "Besides, if you're gonna whine this much next year, I don't know if I want you around."

"Fine. Then I'm going to Stanford." Cody said, more quiet than he had been.

Finally, Zack's eyes met Cody's. He saw no traces of any joke in his brother's eyes. Zack couldn't believe this. How could Cody do this to him? Just ditch him... ignore him? For the first time, he wished Cody wasn't as smart, just so Cody would go to Bunker Hill with him. Zack wouldn't have to let go of him then.

"No, you're not."

"What?! Are you kidding me?!!" Cody yelled. "You may be my twin, but you can't control where I go to college! That's MY decision! MINE!"

"So I don't get any say?!" Zack retorted. He couldn't help it; he was raising his voice now. But Cody was being an ass! Usually Zack was an ass, and Cody was an ass-kisser.

"No. No don't."

"You fucking bastard!" Zack yelled, and before he knew it, his hands moved (it was as if they had a mind of their own!) and he pushed Cody. Cody practically tripped over his own feet but managed to stay up.

He pushed Zack in retaliation. "And you're a selfish idiot who only got into community college because you did well in a class that requires no intelligence at all!"

"YOU'RE the selfish one! Think of everyone you're leaving behind."

"Mom will support me, and there's no one else worth staying for." Cody replied calmly and coldly.

Zack couldn't take it anymore. He had to show Cody how wrong he was no matter what the cost was.

Before he could even think to stop himself, he'd grabbed Cody's jacket and kissed him on the mouth boldly. Cody squirmed at first, but soon relaxed and set his hands on Zack's, sending electricity throughout Zack's whole body, something he'd never experienced with any girl. He eased his hands off of Cody's jacket to hold his hands, but at that moment, Cody pushed Zack away.

"What the..." Zack said dazedly. "Cody, did... Cody?" His brother stared at him angrily for some strange reason. Well, he guessed it wouldn't be for a strange reason. If he hadn't wanted to kiss Cody, then Cody kissing him would have made him mad too. But still!

"I can't believe it." Cody said. "You'd try anything to get me to stay, even mess with my feelings."

Ohh, so that was it.

"I'm not mess-"

"Save it. Fuck you, Zack!" Cody exclaimed, turned, and ran down the hallway.

This time when Cody swore, he didn't sound as awkward.

Still sounded hot, though.

That was when Zack realized he was standing all alone in a random hallway in Stanford University and he didn't have a room key for his hotel room. Carey and Cody had them.


o O o O o O o O o

"Come onnnnnnn, Cody! Let me in!"

Zack had gotten back to the hotel a half hour ago, and was now sitting on the floor in front of the door to their hotel room, occasionally yelling for Cody to let him in. So far, Cody had yelled back 10 fuck you's and no okay's.

"Come on, Cody! I need to go to the bathroom!" Zack lied.

"GO AWAY!" Cody yelled dramatically from inside the hotel room. He was obviously standing right beside the door. Why wouldn't he just freaking open it already?

A very rich looking couple passed Zack in the hallway, giving him Looks as they passed by. Zack laughed, "Haha, nothing to see here. Really." They rolled their eyes and continued walking. Then he yelled, "Cody, what do I have to do to get you to let me in!?"


"Cody, I'm in the middle of a hotel hallway. Do you really think I'm going to DO that?"


"No! Let me inside!"


Zack tried to think of how he could get Cody to let him inside the room. Not only that, but how to believe him. He also wanted to kiss Cody again, since the one before had been the best kiss of his life, but he couldn't just shout that.

"Cody, I'm sorry about the stuff I said before!" Lie. "It's great that those girls wanted to hang out with you!" Lie. "But what I did when you thought I was messing you - it wasn't part of any scheme to make you stay! It was just what I had to - wanted to do!" Total truth. Quieter, he said, "I actually kind of love you." Entirely the truth.

Zack could barely hear him, but Cody's reply was calmer this time, too. "You do?"

"Yeah. I don't even understand it, but-"

Then the door opened to reveal a tentative, awkward looking Cody.

Zack knew how he could fix that.

Tags: fanfiction, ship: zack/cody, tv: tsl
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