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suite life fic, ch 3

"Wear something nicer!" Cody exclaimed when he saw what Zack was wearing the next morning - just a t-shirt and shorts. It was normal for him, but he wouldn't fit in at a place like Stanford.

"I don't have anything nicer." Zack rolled his eyes. "Who do you think I am? You?"

Cody stormed out of their room to their mother's room. "Mom! Tell Zack he has to wear something nicer."

"Cody, you shouldn't be going to going to college. You should be going to preschool." Zack said with a chuckle, coming up behind him. At least he wouldn't be moving across the country that way.

Cody turned around and glared at Zack. "No, I think that's you."

Carey looked from Cody to Zack, and then back to Cody, and sighed. "Boys, let's just go and make the best out of today."

They arrived at the university and followed the signs to where they were supposed to register for the accepted students day. They all walked into the building's wide hallway, and were suddenly surrounded by bunches of kids and their parents. They were all dressed like Cody. Cody gave Zack a smug look as they headed over to the "L-R" section for registration.

The woman at the counter looked up and smiled. She looked at all of them, and then focused immediately on Cody. "Name?"

"Cody Martin!" Cody with a huge smile.

Zack felt compelled to roll his eyes again. His brother was such a dork. He watched his brother as he received his packet of information for the day enthusiastically. He knew that this was Cody's day, but he couldn't help but NOT want Cody to feel enthusiastic.

Maybe this place would have tons of flaws that Cody wouldn't like. Maybe he wouldn't like the library, one of the science labs... something. Maybe a required class would be woodshop. Hopefully something stopped him from going here.

o O o O o O o O o

Cody was lovin' the tour. Zack could tell. They walked from building to building, and Cody asked tons of questions, loving the answers the student leading them, Mary-Anne, gave him. He also stayed in the front of the tour group, so of course Zack and Carey had to stay up front too. Zack just didn't get it. Why be in the front of the tour group? It was so lame.

He kept looking at Cody, though, and feeling bad for what he was thinking. Cody was obviously happy about this. Zack just couldn't bring himself to be happy. What would he do if Cody went to college on the other side of the country? His twin had been around him his whole life, and now he wouldn't be. Zack, who hardly ever felt this bad before, would feel empty until Cody came home for school breaks.

He found himself moving closer to his brother as they walked, purposely bumping his arm with his own.

"Sorry." Zack said quickly. It was weird. His arm still felt as if it was touching Cody's. It lingered.

"Yeah. Whatever." Cody said. Zack looked at him, and noticed a little blush on his cheeks.

This time it was Zack's time to smile triumphantly.

o O o O o O o O o

They had some free time to just walk around after the tour. They stopped by the building where the cafeteria was so that Carey could use the restroom. While she was in there, two of the girls who had been on their tour came up to Zack and Cody.

"Hey, where are you guys from?"

"Boston." both boys said at once.

"I'm Cody, and this is Zack." Cody said. "I was admitted and Zack's just here."

One of the girls smiled. Personally, Zack thought she was a total barker, but Cody was being nothing polite, so he tried to as well. "I'm Lenore and this is Martha. We both go to Jackson Lee Academy in Joashsburg, Virginia. Our brothers both go here."

She was giving Cody one of those looks. It annoyed the hell outta Zack.

"You should eat with us in the cafeteria when they serve dinner to those of us who are accepted students." Martha told Cody, looking pointedly at Zack. Then she smiled a fake smile that she probably reserved for those she wasn't good enough to be around. "But for now, we'll all hang out."

"Actually, our mom is-" Zack began.

"Your mom is what?" Carey asked, emerging from the bathroom. She noticed the girls and said, "Hi, I'm Carey, these guys' mom."

The girls introduced themselves, and then Cody said, "The girls invited me to eat lunch with them."

"That's so nice! See, Zack? Cody already has some friends here."

Zack crossed his arms. "Fantastic."

o O o O o O o O o

Carey and Zack ate with all the parents, while all of the accepted students ate in the cafeteria.

"So, Zack, what'cha think of Stanford?" Carey asked in between bites of her sandwich. She'd had the choice between all of these elaborate foods, yet she had chosen a sandwich.

Zack didn't want to say what he really thought and why, so he just said he thought the place was okay. It was Cody's style, after all.

As Zack chewed some of his food, he thought about how Cody was probably chatting up those two annoying ugly girls and they were probably flirting with him right back. He gripped his fork so hard that he finally started to feel it bend and immediately stopped.

He was being a total hypocrite of course, but he didn't want those girls to talk to Cody. If Cody was with those girls, he wouldn't be with him. Zack always flirted with girls, but when Cody did, Zack hated it, dissed the girls, and harassed Cody about it until he broke it off with them.


Zack had promised himself he'd shut up these thoughts, about how he wanted Cody all to himself... even though he hit on girls. But he didn't need those girls. He needed Cody.

And damnit, if Cody was so smart, how come he didn't know?

o O o O o O o O o

Carey and Zack met Cody outside of the cafeteria. Zack glared when Cody came out of the cafeteria with those girls on both sides of him. They were laughing that kind of snobby, fake laugh, which annoyed Zack most of all. He could make Cody laugh for real.

"Hey, kids, have fun?" Carey asked.

"Yeah, it was really fun, Mom!" Cody said happily. As he replied, some man came up to the group. Zack looked at him funny, but Martha and Lenore greeted him.

"Mrs. Martin, this is my father." Lenore said.

He turned to Carey and smiled one of those smiles, saying, "Reeve. Pleased to meet you."

To Zack's surprise, Carey actually giggled and flirted with the guy. To make a long story short, Reeve asked Carey out. She was hesitant, but Cody and the girls assured her that they would be alright. Zack said nothing. Carey left anyway.

They all continued walking around Stanford. The girls knew their way around pretty well, and pointed stuff out to Cody, ignoring Zack. Cody talked enthusiastically to them too, ignoring Zack as well.

How to get the attention back to him?

"You know, Cody still sucks his thumb. How's that for a Stanford guy?"

They all turned to him. The girls looked amused, and Cody looked perplexed.

"Shut up, man, no I don't!" Cody said.

"Uh, yeah, you do. In your sleep." Zack replied, laughing. "You did last night."

The girls giggled, and Cody turned to them. "It's not true!" He exclaimed at Zack, "Tell them it's not true!"

"You want me to LIE? Cody, I'm surprised at you. Then again, you did almost fail woodshop and you sing Disney songs real bad and real loud in the shower, and you lie about both things." Zack smiled slyly at the girls. "When he does shower, that is. That's usually about once every two weeks... if we're lucky. I keep a fan running in our room all the time."

"I can't believe you!" Cody exclaimed. "Zack, I need to talk to you. Now."

Zack couldn't even protest, because before he even thought of it, Cody had grabbed his arm and dragged him away.

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