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suite life, ch 2

Cody emerged from his room when his mom called him for dinner. Actually, her exact words were, "Cody! Dinner! Zack, don't eat all that candy before dinner!" When Cody came out of his room, he saw Zack sitting at the table with their mom and smiled at him, but Zack just looked back at him.

During dinner, their mom tried to instigate different conversations, the boys didn't respond. Carey asked Cody if he was still thinking about which school he wanted to go to, and Cody told her he wanted to visit them all again. Zack slammed his fork really hard down on his place as soon as Cody said it, and Carrie took her attention off of Cody to yell at Zack.

After dinner, Cody went back to studying and was surprised when Zack came into the room and asked to talk to him.

"So, yeah... sorry." Zack said, just standing there. Cody turned around and noticed the bag of candy in Zack's hand and was very careful not to smile.

"You act like a jerk and then you just come in and say, 'So, yeah, sorry'? Zack, you can't just do that every time you screw up."

"I didn't screw up." Zack replied icily. "You were a jerk, and I was mad. But I don't want to be mad at anymore, since you're my brother and I have to live with ya until August."

Cody sat there and nodded. "Okay. And I guess I won't make those woodshop scholarship remarks anymore."

"Yeah, man. They really suck."

For the first time, or at least the first time in awhile, Cody realized that he had been in the wrong. He hadn't thought it was possible, but he went too far and hurt his brother.

"Actually, Zack." Cody choked out. He wasn't that used to apologizing to his brother, since Zack was the goofy one who screwed up most of the time. "I'm - sorry -"

Zack's smile returned slowly, which Cody was thankful. Zack nodded and crossed his arms. "You should be!"

o O o O o O o O o

Over the next few weeks, Cody visited the UPenn, Yale, and Harvard with his mom. Zack stayed home for all of the visits, since he would have nothing to do there but follow them around. Things had become slightly more normal between Zack and Cody, but hadn't completely back to normal.

Zack was being awkward. Well, awkward for him. He still joked around and flirted with girls, but he acted different around Cody than he had before. Cody figured he was still mad about what he'd said about Zack going to Bunker Hill.

One day at school, during lunch, Cody asked Zack, "Hey, mom and I are visiting Stanford this weekend. Want to come?"

Zack shrugged. "'Kay."

Cody smiled. At least that was a more normal Zack answer. Granted, he was chewing his sandwich at the time, but still.

o O o O o O o O o

They left school early on Friday, using the "college visits" excuse. Everyone they told looked at them funny when they announced Zack was visiting Stanford with Cody, but Zack just laughed it off and said he was going for moral support, which he was.

On the plane, when Cody took the window seat, he noticed Zack stop dead in his tracks and wait until Carrie had taken the seat next to Cody. It was weird behavior, even for his brother. Yeah, he was definitely still mad.

When they got to the hotel, which was the Tipton of the Stanford area (they were staying there for free, because of their connections to the Tipton and Boston, and more importantly, London), they realized they had gotten a pretty good room to stay in for the next few days. Two bedrooms and a bathroom. Carey settled in in the front room, and through the door was another room.

Cody went in first, followed by Zack. Zack claimed one of the beds, so Cody chose the other one by default.

After a few moments of silence, Zack asked, "So, what're you doing tomorrow at the school? Just touring it?"

"It's an accepted students day. All of the students they admitted will be there."

"Oh." Zack said. "Cool." He proceeded to grab the remote control from on top of the television and started flipping though channels.

Cody rolled his eyes, got out some of his school work and pretended to do it. However, he found he couldn't concentrate. He looked over his book, at his brother, now watching the Cartoon Network. His goofy brother just hadn't been the same lately. He'd been all - and Cody hated to admit it - sensitive, lately. Cody knew Zack was trying not to show it at school, and he covered it up pretty well.

Zack suddenly laughed at something stupid on the TV, and Cody smiled as an immediate reaction. It was funny. He was happy when Zack was happy, and when Zack acted as if the world was ending, which wasn't often... well, Cody didn't want to deal with it.

It's a twin thing, Cody thought.

But sometimes he wondered it would be like if it wasn't just a twin thing.

But also a thing. Between them.

Cody shook his head, and tried to clear his mind. Never in a million years would he let Zack know about the weird, freakish thoughts he was having.

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