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suite life fic, pt 1

"Is it true, Cody? Did you get into all of the schools you applied to?" Barbara Brownstein exclaimed, all breathy, as she caught up to Cody in the hallway.

"I don't want to brag, but yup!" Cody replied, grinning. He and Barbara had always had a rivalry, ever since middle school. Now they were seniors, and it was still going on. He had heard Barbara got into all of her colleges, too, but he still knew he had one up on her.

Barbara smiled. "Oh, me too! I got into Yale, Princeton, and Brown, which was my backup!"

Cody matched her smile, feeling kind of evil. "I got into Yale, Harvard, Stanford and UPenn."

"AHHHHHHHHHHH. Cody Martin, you're impossible!" She stamped her foot, and than stomped away. Cody was glad she had at least stopped stamping on his own foot. She used to do that in middle school. As she walked away, sulking, she passed Zack, and gave him a death glare.

"You owned her, huh?" Zack asked his brother as he approached him.

"Don't I always? Yeah, she was asking about what schools I applied to. It's going to be hard to decide between them. They're all so good. I think I'm going to visit them again just so I can be sure."

Zack truly looked confused. "What's there to be sure about? Harvard is the closest to here, isn't it? It has the most popular name!"

"That doesn't mean it's the best." Cody rolled his eyes.

"Why wouldn't it be the best if it's the most popular?"

"Zack, this is why you're going to community college." Cody told Zack as he started walking toward the doors quickly. "And I'm going to a big-shot ivy league school."

"Hey, I got in on a scholarship!"

"A woodshop scholarship. That's not exactly academic. It's not even a real scholarship. Without woodshop, would you have gotten in?"

Zack's glare was equal to what Barbara's had been as they reached their car. Zack got into the passenger's seat and crossed his arms, looking out the window. He didn't speak to his brother for the whole ride back to the Tipton, and Cody just kept rolling his eyes when he saw Zack's glare in the window.

Zack would be over it soon enough. All he probably needed was food. After all, Zack was hardly ever serious about anything.

When they got back to the hotel, Zack walked ahead of Cody into the building and had disappeared from the lobby by the time Cody got in. He searched around and didn't see anybody familiar, except for Maddie, who had worked at the candy counter for several years. She was reading her Northeastern University textbook as Cody approached the candy counter.

"Hey, Maddie. What are you reading?"

"It's a book about global warming for my 'Why Republicans are Very, Very Wrong' class. I tried to read some of this to Trevor and he just laughed at me." She just shook her head. "But how are you, Cody? Did you decided where you're going yet?"

"No." Cody said and sighed. "Zack wants me to go to Harvard because it's the closest to home, though. I don't know. I want to go see all of the schools again. He got mad at me when I told him I wasn't going to go to Harvard just because it has the best name."

"Ugh!" Maddie exclaimed. "That sounds like something London would say."

"Didn't she get into Harvard?"

"Because she's London Tipton! There's no other reason she actually got in. She didn't even know what Harvard was until I told her."

"Did I hear my name?" London asked as she stepped into the lobby, in all of her fabulous glory. "Hi Maddie, hi Cody... or Zack. Whatever. Were you talking about how great my hair looks?"

Cody and Maddie exchanged a look. From complete airheads like London to boneheads like Zack, they would never understand people like that. Why didn't they understand that academics mattered? London had received her inheritance a year ago after her dad's mysterious death, and now she owned everything associated with the Tipton name. She didn't go to school. She shopped, and when she was done shopping, she admired herself in her many talking mirrors.

"Sure we were, London." Cody said, finally deciding to humor her. He turned to Maddie. "I think Zack will get back his normal self if I buy him candy or something. Gimme a bag of those small Hersey bars. He'll forget everything if he's hyped up on sugar."

"Being Zack, he might just forget anyway. He probably turned on the Adult channel and forgot all about what you said." Maddie said, though she reached under the counter and got one of those candy bags. Cody paid her, his face reddening at her comment, and then he headed up to the suite, only to find Zack on the couch, playing video games.

"Which one is this? It looks old." Cody said, sitting next to Zack.

"Mario Brothers. It's classic." Zack replied, not taking his eyes off the TV. "And simple. Like me, I guess."

"I didn't say that, Zack. I just said that woodshop wasn't academic." Cody said, and as soon as he said it, he realized he shouldn't have.

"It's what I'm good at. So shut up, Cody." Zack said angrily. Cody looked at the screen. Zack was controlling Mario, who jumped and fell down a well. Zack said, "Ughhh. Go away, okay?"

"Fine." Cody said. "I have to study anyway."

Before he got up from the couch, he shoved the bag of candy in Zack's lap. Before Zack could say a word to him, he went into their room and shut the door, and proceeded to (try to) study for AP U.S. Government.

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