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newsies: they almost kiss
Here is how the lineup SHOULD BE for the-N.


6 - 24seven
6:30 - Being Eve
7 - Radio Free Roscoe
7:30 - A Walk In Your Shoes
8 - Degrassi
8:30 - South of Nowhere
9 - Fresh Prince
9:30 - Moesha
10 - Daria
10:30 - Sabrina
11 - Instant Star
11:30 - Alex Mack
12 - My So-Called Life
12:30 - My So-Called Life (cont.)
1 - Clarissa
1:30 - Pete & Pete
2 - Caitlin's Way
2:30 - Clueless
3 - Summerland
3:30 - Summerland (cont.)
4 - Dawson's Creek
4:30 - Dawson's Creek (cont.)
5 - Out There
5:30 - A Walk In Your Shoes

Friday, Sat, Sun

6 - Radio Free Roscoe
6:30 - Clarissa
7 - A Walk In Your Shoes
7:30 - Degrassi (last week/review ep)
8 - Degrassi (new ep)
8:30 - South of Nowhere (new ep)
9 - The Best Years (new ep)
9:30 - The Best Years (cont.) (new ep)
10 - Degrassi (replay)
10:30 - South of Nowhere (replay)
11 - The Best Years (replay)
11:30 - The Best Years (cont.) (replay)
12 - Instant Star (which would replace one of the previous when there's new episodes, because there aren't new episodes of all of these shows at once)
12:30 - Instant Star or Daria or whatever show it's replacing
1 - My So-Called Life
1:30 - My So-Called Life
2 - Out There
2:30 - Clarissa
3 - Dawson's Creek
3:30 - Dawson's Creek (cont.)
4 - Sabrina
4:30 - Fresh Prince
5 - Moesha
5:30 - Best Friend's Date

Kind of random, but at least the-N would have variety. I personally think that shows like Summerland and Dawson's Creek shouldn't be on the-N because they're an hour long, first of all, and they're not the-N ish. Shows that should have NEVER been on the-N EVER include Beyond the Break and Laguna Beach and ANYTHING like that.

Shows that would be decent on the-N: Boy Meets World, Lizzie McGuire (laugh all you want, but at least it's Real.Life.Now), Step By Step, The Facts of Life, Growing Pains (I know they played it sorta but not really anymore), The Wonder Years, Different Strokes. I can't think of very many. And I know I got kinda Nick at Nite with some of these shows, but they're amazing and always will be amazing.

yay dumb entries

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Here's what it should be:

6-8 pm: Daria
8-8:30 pm: Degrassi
8:30 pm - 5 am: O'Grady

And maybe The Best Years and South of Nowhere on occasional Fridays.

I loved this.

Seeing these again would make my day:
Being Eve
Radio Free Roscoe
Alex Mack
My So-Called Life
Pete & Pete
Caitlin's Way

I stopped watching theN after Radio Free Roscoe ended and they took My So-Called Life off and only played it at like 4 in the morning. It was my favorite and now they don't play it at all anymore. I only watch now when they show a new episode of Degrassi, because I still like it okay. I never liked Beyond the Break, Summerland, Dawson's Creek, or South of Nowhere. & I don't like The Best Years that much either...

I hate how they play Laguna Beach and The Hills now, but I guess since those shows were so popular with the teen girls, they get higher ratings.

I think Boy Meets World would be a good show to put in the line up...I don't know about the others. I mean, I know about them, but I don't know how they would fare with theN's target audience.

I think 7th Heaven will end up on there one day, for real.

I'm so annoyed by The Hills and Laguna Beach it's not even funny. They're also advertising that other one, and it's got me thinking - have MTV and the-N come up with some sort of deal thing? It's gotta be the only reason The-N would sell-out.

If 7th Heaven comes to the-N I swear I'll probably do something drastic. Like, not watch it anymore. Haha.

I was just kind of dinking around on my friends' tag pages, and I saw 24Seven on your tags list. How did I not know there was someone on my flist who knew 24Seven? This is a big day for me.

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