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Hannah Montana fic ch.2

Rico's Surf Shop wasn't terribly busy that afternoon, though Jackson still had some girls he attempted to entertain. He tried to make jokes, and he tried to be smooth, but all they did was laugh at him. It was so frustrating.

What was it that women wanted?

He leaned against the counter and sulked when the girls started to walk away. As they did, one of the girls said, "Is that the new People?"

"Yes, the one about High School Musical 2. Look at Zac. He's so hot!"

"He'd be even hotter if he hooked up with Lucas-"

I knew it!, Jackson thought. Girls do like gay guys!

"-and was flirting with ME at the same time. Like, if he went both ways. I'd love him forever!"

Both ways? As in bisexual?

That meant that if he could pretend to be bisexual with some guy, the girls would still want to hook up with him! It would be better than if he pretended to be gay because they wouldn't just want to be his friend that way. The girls would have something to be jealous of, and they'd know they stood a chance. Especially if the guy he pretended to be dating and he weren't serious.

But what guy would pretend to date him? Cooper? No. Max? No. Thor? Well, maybe... no. No! None of them were right, and Jackson couldn't think of anyone else.

Just then, he looked over at the chairs and saw Miley's friend Oliver sitting, trying to sweet talk the ladies. He seemed to be having the same bad luck Jackson was having, which obviously gave Jackson the advantage. Maybe, if Jackson explained his plan well enough, he could convince Oliver to "date" him.

"Oliver!" Jackson exclaimed, walking around the counter toward his sister's friend. "Funny seeing you here!"

"Um, yeah, Jackson, I come here every day."

"Haha, Oliver, you're hilarious. Listen," said Jackson. "I came up with a plan to get girls and I'm going to let you in on it."

"Right, like a plan of yours is going to work." Oliver rolled his eyes and looked away. One girl walked by, and he said, "Hey sweet thing, wanna sit by me?" She sneered at him, and walked by the two guys faster. He then looked back at Jackson and said, "I'll try anything. What's your plan?"

"I overheard this girl talking about those 2 guys in High School Musical - Zac and Lucas. She thought it would be hot if they hooked up."

Oliver's eyes widened. "Jackson, uh, I don't think this is a good-"

"Shut up and listen, will ya? She wanted them to have a non-serious hookup thing but still be into chicks. As in, they'd be bi! She thought it would be hot."

"So....?" Oliver asked, obviously starting to understand where Jackson's plan was going.

"Well, this is going to sound weird, but Oliver, will you pretend to date me?"

Tags: fanfiction, ship: jackson/oliver, tv: hannah montana
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