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i could say you're the top, you're the apex, you're the zenith

you're colossal, you're terrific, you're delovely

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(no subject)
newsies: they almost kiss
In 2019:

1. Be vegan.
2. Shower more (lol depression)
3. Use more face masks and do more skin care in general.
4. Drink more tea.
5. Clean my apartment.
6. Work on my driving.
7. And, yes, exercise more.

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Wow, just logged in and saw my friends page for the first time in forever. You're still around :)

I am vegan, and it's the most beautiful and healthy thing. Two years into it almost, I gave myself a transition period of two years. It's okay to fall off, it's okay to not get it 100%, just keep working towards it in every choice you make :)

Haha yeah wow depression really fks with your hygiene...for me, cleaning my room is the HARDEST thing to do, and so stressful, when I'm depressed.. thank God I'm out of mine.

I've also just got into skincare, I'm actually exfoliating which I never do and wow I notice such a huge difference!!! My skin was so bad before. and I'm moisturising at night, I just got new foot socks for keeping in the moisture. once you get into the habit it becomes nice.

We actually have similar goals lol. Good luck!!!!!!

Thank you for the kind words!!! I'm a vegetarian and have been vegan at different points but never stuck with it. But I /want/ to stick with it and hoping that I do!

I wish you luck with your goals too! We got this!

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