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I have Degrassi to flail about but I think it's going to be a bit subdued because I'm not in a huge flail mood after waking up to hear about Colorado. Anyway, after the cut.

Week one was without flaws. I'm going to make a list of my favorite things.

1. Eli and Clare are back together and stable and perfect and supportive of each other. Let's hope they can keep it drama free this time and just continue to be adorable. I mean, I know they'll have drama outside of their relationship, but other than that.

2. Imogen's audition for the band, and her commentary at the meeting for the play.

3. Eli loving Tristan's audition for the play and being determined to give him a part. And then Eli offering Tristan the role of Juliet (turning Juliet into a guy), because he is an advocate for LGBT rights and he wants to piss off Becky, who said Tristan was "confused." Honestly, before that I was like, "Okay, Eli, stop provoking Becky." But after her commentary... girl needs some education.

4. Drew and Bianca :3 and Drew's head injury stuff :( How he called Adam "Gracie" because his memory was gone for a moment but quickly they both realized something was wrong. I don't know. He's just such a complicated character. He's an idiot with girls, but on some level he's likable?

5. Maya finding her way, auditioning for that band. AND THROWING THE FAKE BOOB AT OWEN AND TELLING HIM THAT IT'S THE ONLY ACTION HE'LL GET ALL YEAR. Because he is an ASS. I love that she did that to Tristan's brother, though. Does she even know they're brothers?

6. Tristan's storyline (about the Facerange thing) gave me so much secondhand embarrassment, and now Cam is mad! :( Hopefully he eats his words.

7. Next week, Zig actually gets a storyline. AND A PERSONALITY. Which I am excited for.

8. Also, Fiona is back next week and there will be FIMOGEN. I hope that they stay together (who knows with this show) because they seem to make each other happy and I want them to be happy. Though... in the promo for the rest of the summer, there's a clip of Imogen crying, and Fiona's with her, comforting her, so maybe they do stay together. I hope this is the case.

Anyway, yeah. Back to my lovely Pathfinder of doom.
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