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Pick five of your favorite shows (in no particular order) and answer the following questions about them. 
1. Queer as Folk
2. Law and Order SVU
3. Doctor Who
4. Degrassi
5. Skins

Who is your favourite character in #2?   
Olivia (if I had to pick one). But I kind of love all of the main characters on SVU.

Who is your least favourite character of #1?
Doctor David.

What’s your favourite episode of #4? 
Shout. As sick as it is. I mean, obviously it's not my favorite subject, but I think that it was some of the best acting and honestly it was the first time I gave a crap about Paige.

What is your favourite season of #5?
........... Series 5. I mean I loved the first two and liked 3 and 4 enough, but I really just love series 5 and generation 3 a lot.

What’s your favorite relationship in #3? 
Uhhhh. I guess Amy/Rory. I've yet to watch series 4, so we'll see how that fits in.

Who is your anti-relationship in #2? 
Uh, IDK. I never really thought about it tbh.

How long have you watched #1?
Just a few years. It's been off the air for six years but I started watching summer of 2009.

How did you become interested in #3? 
Heard about it from lots of people online!

Who is your favorite actor in #5?
Nicholas Hoult and Freya Mavor.

Which show do you prefer out of #1, #2, or #5? 
.... Why would you make me choose? Queer as Folk if I *had* to, but I could watch Degrassi forever and ever tbh.

Which show have you seen more episodes of, #1 or #3? 
Definitely seen more of Queer as Folk, though I'm making my way through the Doctor Who episodes

If you could be anyone from #4, who would you be?  
Fiona Coyne~

Give a random quote from #1.
I don't believe in love. I believe in fucking.

Would a #3/4 crossover work? 
NOPE. Well. Hmm. Okay, so if the Doctor randomly appeared at Degrassi, I really *do* have to wonder what would be happening. Maybe Rick's ghost would be used for some alien invasion and would be haunting the school. Actually, maybe the aliens would have JT, Rick, and Claude's ghosts working together when they're not even supposed to BE ghosts. They're just alien creations and information about their forms was taken from the students' minds. So the Doctor and his companion (or maybe he would come alone) would come stop the alien-ghost invasion. And then if the Doctor was in between companions, he would invite one student to come along with him and even though it's usually only a girl, I kind of want it to be Connor or Wesley because they're both into that kind of thing and they're pretty geeky, but I could also see it being Clare because she loves fantasy or Holly J because she's freaking awesome. But then again, I kind of want Fiona to be included too. Hmmm.

Which has better theme music, #2 or #4?
Meh, I don't know. I like humming along to SVU's theme music, but Degrassi's changes up a little bit. I DON'T KNOW. Why couldn't this question have included Doctor Who or Skins?

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