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newsies: they almost kiss
I'm twenty-two pages into this book Awaken by Katie Kacvinsky and it's already brlliant. It takes place in 2060 and basically everything is done on the computer. School, reading, everything. So far she's met this guy who's ~rebellious and wants to change the way things are done. Because he doesn't think it's real or that it's alright that society's becoming so isolated.

And I do agree. I mean, people are way too critical of online life sometimes, but I do think there is a necessary balance. The people in this book - their lives don't have that balance. They barely leave the house. And when I say they barely leave the house I don't mean it in an "I'm an anti-social Tumblr girl and people suck" way. I mean it in a way in which it's become normalized, which I think is so much worse. Because it's everyone.

But this book has had some great one liners so far. When she said something embarrassing in front of the guy, she muses to herself, "Why couldn't I be online right now? Definitely would have deleted that one."


IDK I don't feel like listing all the one-liners but I burst out laughing at a few. They probably wouldn't make sense without the context though.

Though I guess glitter highlights aren't worth it for no more paper books, synthetic trees, and no face-to-face interaction whatsoever. The girl in this book is only getting face-to-face interaction because she's attending these tutoring sessions. It's one of the few ways they can meet people irl.

Ugh, I love books like this. This is why I wrote that 2036 fic, partially.

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Sounds like a fascinating read. I hope our society continues to maintain that balance!

I agree! I think it's interesting how much her parents contrast too. They seem to kind of represent the struggle for that balance, because her mom is all about maintaining humanity, reading paper books, and face-to-face interaction. Her dad runs the online school (that everyone attends), and doesn't even trust his own daughter not to rebel against the system. It's so interesting so far!

I've been meaning to read that one! :)

It's really good so far! :D

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I haven't read that, but I've heard of it. I'm going to look it up on Goodreads! :D

Sounds awesome. It goes on the list of things to read.

It is! :D I'm about 100 pages in now and really enjoy it!

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