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i could say you're the top, you're the apex, you're the zenith

you're colossal, you're terrific, you're delovely

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This is an angry talent show + Glee post.
newsies: they almost kiss



It's like Michael Slezak and I share a brain lately.

I hope Haley does really well tonight. Regardless, I'm going to vote for her until my fingers fall off. Fuck the Idol Machine.

If they're going to let Durbin slide by when he doesn't hit the notes, and call his performances "emotionally perfect" then yeah. Honestly... I can't even deal with him anymore.

I read on the Idolatry board that Haley knows what the producers are trying to do, because apparently some of the people on the boards know people who know Haley. And honestly, that makes me really sad. Because she's improved so much. Even if her music style isn't your favorite, that doesn't mean she doesn't deserve her shot.

And don't even get me started on The Voice. This. Just... this:

'I’m loving the articulate, level-headed vibe from The Voice‘s judging panel, but I’m also a little flumoxed by Blake’s decision to choose the blandly handsome, blandly competent Patrick over the vocally superior Tyler — especially since the latter singer showed vast improvement by following Blake and buddy Reba McEntire’s counsel to “pick your places” and “don’t wear it out” when it comes to showy vocal runs. Yeah, I understand Patrick’s country style is more in Blake’s wheelhouse (ugh, did I just say “wheelhouse”?) but Tyler’s vocals were the lasso to Patrick’s tied and immobilized calf. Heck, Cee Lo and Adam agreed!'

This show is already pissing me off.

I love it.

As for Glee, why is Jesse there? Don't get me wrong, I love Jonathan Groff and I think he's insanely talented. But I don't get why Rachel would even TALK to Jesse unless this is her devious plan to get Finn back.

And as for the Kurt/queen thing, I guess I was a little confused because sometimes I get the vibe that he wouldn't care about being voted queen, simply because he embraces that side of himself and likes to say "fuck it" to gender roles and ideas sometimes. I mean, in that one episode where the boys sang against the girls, Kurt sided with the girls. And I just... idk. Not saying I didn't feel bad for him because he was upset - of course I felt bad for him - I just get confused by Kurt sometimes. Maybe the "drawing attention to himself" thing got to him. I dunno.

"Friday" was fun. Blaine's song was fun. Quinn's breakdown was lolarious, poor girl needs to figure out there's more to life than what she's trying to achieve.


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I stopped watching Idol long ago, just because I can't. take. that. bullshit. anymore. Haven't they learned it does NOTHING but shoot themselves in the foot? Either they lose genuine talent or that talent comes out and succeeds and rubs their face in it, and either way, they look bad! It just doesn't make sense to me, why they do this, because it never pays off.

Kind of unpopular~ but I agreed with Blake, actually. I just like Patrick's voice better and I liked watching him perform better, but it's a personal opinion and I'm not his coach. Time will tell if Blake made the right choice or not~ and if he made the wrong one he's only got himself to blame!

But I think the problem with The Voice is - everyone is genuinely, genuinely good, and EVERY choice seems difficult :/ Niki and Vicci at the end killed me because they were both SO GOOD. I don't know how I'm gonna choose who to root for if everyone keeps being awesome!

Edited at 2011-05-11 09:29 pm (UTC)

I know, I'm fed up with Idol at the moment. And yet I'm addicted :(

I actually like Patrick. I think it's more like, my ~heart~ was with Tyler, you know? I'm glad I don't have a dislike for either one, though I don't know them/haven't seen much of them so it's hard to judge that yet.

The live shows are going to be insane if everyone stays this amazing!

I totally get it, I think that's why I liked Patrick better, just because I loved his actual voice so much, you know? I think that this show might be as heartbreaking as Idol if it becomes a situation where there are multiple people that you adore and are so talented and they'll still go home. D: I am both excited and kinda of dreading it! I decided not to care about anyone until the live rounds, because by then I'll have heard them sing more than once and they'll actually BE on the show.

Yeah, it's a good idea. I don't want to get emotionally attached when these next few weeks could be heartbreaking! :(

I'm really looking forward to the live shows, but I understand being torn about what to feel!

(Deleted comment)
That's true, I suppose it would have been different if it was on his own terms!

(Deleted comment)
Oh no, it's definitely not James's fault! The show is screwing up so badly at the moment, and I don't know if they realize what they're doing.

Yeah! Maybe since it wasn't on his own terms, that's was what upset him, but I was still a little confused at first!

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