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I will return to homework after this and respond to comments that I've yet to respond to but I'mma talk about Idol right now! It's a bit of a rant.

Except for the fact that he sometimes praises Douchebin, I love everything that Michael Slezak chooses to be. Okay, I guess that on some level Douchebin's got a good voice but this week he really was off and it's obnoxious that his backstory will get him through to the top four.

Before last night I was never fully on the Haley bandwagon even though I definitely liked her more than some of the other contestants. Last week when she did "Beautiful" I felt it was actually very relevant because from the start, for some reason people took a dislike to her. I still see it, though I think people have been easing up on her a bit (including myself, though I never disliked her. For awhile she was just 'meh' for me). But I think that maybe she was trying to communicate to the audience about that in "Beautiful" - I mean... "And people gonna treat you better"? And just being positive and things should be okay? Definitely about her Idol journey so far.

I was sooooo mad at the judges last night. :( When Haley sang "You and I" I thought she did really well. The thing is, she took a risk by choosing an unreleased song. But you know what? If I was on the judges panel, I would have probably shot back and reminded everyone that not all of the voters know every song the contestants sing, released or otherwise. I often find new music I like through Idol rather than critiquing the contestants on "ruining" songs and whatnot. The important thing to me was that she sang well.

I did know her second song, House of the Rising Sun. I knew it anyway, but also Siobhan sang it last season! Anyway, I loved it and it was fabulous. I loved the fact that it was a bit of a "fuck you" to the judges, too. Because honestly, the show has been so hot and cold with her. But mostly cold. I feel like if she does well, it's all up to her. Like Slezak said, the production isn't really doing much to help her at this point.

Also, Lauren is improving, definitely saw that last night. I'm glad about that.

My dream order for how the remaining 5 would go are:

Haley as the winner.
Lauren or Scotty as the runner up.
James 'I'm going to rely on my backstory rather than my voice tonight' Douchebin as fourth.
And then Jacob 'I'm not sure I can do this anymore' Lusk. Because I'm not not sure why he's still there.

But I do think that if it's not Jacob leaving tonight then it could be Haley. N o t my choice, but I think that there are still some people that are so biased against her that they're not going to recognize her talent. Kinda like me and Douchebin, but at least Haley seems like a pleasant person to be around. I'm only saying this because even though she gave the best performance of the night, a good performance does not automatically mean that a contestant is going to stay. Look at Pia (and many other contestants of the past). But still, I'd love for Haley to be in the top 4. Not just as an FU to the judges and the whole production and the people who hate her for no reason (which is what I'm convinced it is now) but also because the show hasn't had two females in the top four for so long. Not even the top five, so I'm already impressed.

So I guess this is my prediction even though I do not want it to be true.

Douchebin/Scotty finale
Lauren third
Haley fourth (or possibly fifth)
Jacob fifth (or possibly fourth)

I just have a lot of feelings.

So yeah, either tonight I'll be like "Fuck yeah" and watch The Vampire Diaries as a celebration or be sadface and need The Vampire Diaries as a comfort (even though it's getting to the point where people are dying so that's not going to be too comforting).

And oh my god, don't even get me started on The Voice. I love it so far. I'm so excited for next week and then the live shows!! I love how diverse the judging panel is (I mean, a country artist, a pop artist, an R&B artist, and an alternative artist!) and the fact that there are some contestants that are so open about being gay! I just. Ugh. Love it. I want more!
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