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Regarding the results:

Bye, Naima and Thia. We hardly knew ye. I wish I cared that you guys were eliminated.

The only one I actually care about is Pia so I'm glad she was safe. I know, I know. This week she sang another ballad. But in her defense, it was Elton John week. I can't really see her singing any of his uptempo songs. So I don't think anyone can fairly fault her for the ballad thing this week. Almost everyone did a ballad.

I guess I care about Casey on some level. He was pretty good this week. I'm glad he didn't growl through another performance.

I still don't buy into the Haley hype. I don't know if I was watching the same performance of Bennie and the Jets as everyone else. :/ I didn't get it. I said that to my mom. And my mom was like 'They're comparing her to Janis Joplin. Do you know how Janis Joplin is?'
SHUT UP, MOM, I'M NOT AN IDIOT. I just don't *get* her. I don't dislike her but to me it was pretty blah.

Durbin can go away.

Paul... I don't even know what to feel about Paul.

Jacob. Gurl, no.

I didn't catch Scotty's performance this week because I was driving home, but I'm kind of glad about that. I don't see that "edge" he's got that so many people talk about and tbh one-trick-ponyism is one of American Idol's problems. For his performance today I ignored him and paid attention to Lauren.

And actually... I liked Lauren's performance. I can see her winning, despite all the pimpage.

Stefano. I have no interest in him.

Posted the last chapter of The Wanderer today :')

What else?

Today at the library there was this kids' craft program and they decorated cakes to make them look like gardens. I snuck a bit of coconut and now I just want a lot of coconut. But my mom doesn't like coconut so she won't get any for me I'm sure D: #seriousproblems
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