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i could say you're the top, you're the apex, you're the zenith

you're colossal, you're terrific, you're delovely

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Writer's Block: You've got the look
newsies: they almost kiss
How important is physical attraction in selecting a romantic partner?

Somewhat important, I guess.

Okay but I guess I'm weird because I don't even feel physically attracted until I like someone emotionally. I feel like for most people it's the other way around?

Like, I notice looks but I couldn't give a crap about them. I don't know how to judge people as "hot" or whatever and I don't know. And, like, there are boys I think are are attractive but I would NEVER EVER EVER in a million years want them (like the 1D boys if they were older and that's not just because I slash them all, lol).

... wtf me? What am I even going on about?

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I am not physically attracted to the 1D boys either. They bring out my maternal side, which is just not sexy.

Seriously, they're just puppies or kittens to me.

Even if I tend to write stories about them :/

I worry about their well being. Like Liam looking so tired recently. Poor bb.

Haha, see I read stories about them.

I know. They all need a few days of just resting and drinking herbal tea or something :(

I think the initial reaction/attraction is subconscious, but yeah I can't say I've ever thought ~WOW~ about someone in my rl. Personality has always really hooked me in. Makes me think the physical first is a myth lol.

"Celebrities" are another matter. I am a crush!slut. :p

Maybe it is a myth!

I am a crush!slut. :p

Hence your icon ;D

My sis fancied the best friend first of the man who was to become her husband and they've been together for nearly 10 years and married for nearly 4! So, "love" can weave a weird spell. :p

LOL yeah I thought I was over all this ~intense~ crushing on music boys, but apparently not. Oh well, what can ya do.

Yes, it definitely can! That's pretty cute though! Lol, that sounds a bit like Crushed.

Exactly, you don't need to stop at all :) Louis is too pretty to stop crushing on tbh.

Omg can't stop lolling at that now! :') Who does that make me? A related-Sean?! Haha.

Ikr? The second I thought "okay, maybe" I should've realised I was a goner. What's more, I didn't actually expect them to improve so quickly. In the face of all that, I am weak. I've started having proper 1D dreams.

Oh gosh, you are Sean. I can totally see it.

You've been having 1D dreams? Yup, that's how you know you're too far gone to come back to sanity.

P.S. how do you do small font, because I feel like it might be useful. Should I just make the font a size 8 or something?

Small font is just < small > YOUR TEXT HERE < /small >, but without the spaces obviously. I'm sure you can do it other ways, but that's the quickest/easiest. :)

AHH, thank you. Gonna try.

I've had a few dreams about them but they're always really slashy.

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