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Okay, that's not true. Grace is precious and Rich is so human and was able to admit to his doucheyness and PROFESSOR BLOOD IS GRACE'S FATHER. Why would they do that to her? Send her back to her other school :( She has friends. She's a teenager. That's ALL. I was all like "Yay Grace's mother!" until the end too when she sided with Grace's dad. What. was. that.

Of course, there was that MINI/FRANKY kiss. Yes, Grace told them to for her play. But their FACES when the kiss ended. I wasn't into this ship at the beginning, mostly because Mini was a total bitch to Franky. But I think Mini has grown up and matured a bit throughout the series. And even though Franky is infatuated with Matty right now... whatevs. Matty can go be forever alone.

Because THIS clip from next week's episode omg aoisjdoaskja. Are they setting up for Mini/Franky to be real in series 6 because asjdals if they are. omg. Flail!!!

Even if Mini and Franky don't end up together I think that it's good that they're friends. They're cute friends. And I do sort of think that Mini might have some... sexuality issues? I mean it could just be that she and Nick weren't sexually compatible, but I don't know. Just a feeling, I guess.


Daisy's episode was so annoying. The acting is just cringeworthy, mostly because the episode didn't focus on Stan and Cadie. Luckily there was a scene about them (thank goodness). Just. I don't know. So are Daisy and Abbud gonna be an item forreal now that they had mindless sex? That's where that seems to be heading. Whatever, more Cadie and Stan please.

Oh Caleb. WHY. And yet I'm still on Team Caleb. I really think he cares about Hanna and just didn't realize that would happen. So I'm glad he's not going to be an arch villain. At least I don't think he is.

Spencer and Toby continue to be adorable. I was ashamed to ship it before but now I admit that I do. Idk why I was ashamed.

Oooooh, Aria's parents starting to question who Aria is seeing. And them talking about getting back together but not doing it.

Speaking of Aria's parents, I can't help but wonder if Aria's dad is involved in everything somehow. I don't know why, I'm just suspicious I guess.

Lol, Emily and Paige. O M G. X Factor has ruined me. I keep spelling "Paige" like "Paije." Anyway, lol them. I had a feeling that they'd go back to their kissing ways. Lindsey Shaw is obvs irresistible :D Oh god, I want to see Maya come back and have them fight it out over Emily. That would be hot. Anyway, Paige is starting to accept herself and might come out. Which is good, because Emily doesn't want to hide in the closet with her! I don't blame Emily there.

Two more episodes in the season?! Oh god.

Ashthon's out. Who saw that coming? Answer: Most people.

I actually feel sorry for her though. She seems so sweet.

Still! Pia was safe <3

Adam did amazing <3 He sang so well and looked great tonight! :D

Obviously all I care about is the lesbian storyline since I'm all about the lesbians lately. Brittana <3 Anyway, I really do feel for Santana. She's accepted what she really wants only to get shot down. But at the same time, I understand Brittany as well. She can't just have this sprung on her and then go dump Artie. I hope that this storyline develops though because it's so interesting. Even though Glee does a good job at dropping its interesting storylines.

Oh yeah and the sex storyline. Got a little chuckle from the Afternoon Delight part.

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