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i could say you're the top, you're the apex, you're the zenith

you're colossal, you're terrific, you're delovely

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newsies: they almost kiss
There are things I want to write about that I feel are too inappropriate and negativity-inducing to post here.

On a happier note?

Here were my favorites.

Pia. Thia (WHAT). Haley (WHATTTT). Karen. The Laurens were alright. I didn't get to see the first few who performed.

I do kind of want a girl to win this year. I'm tired of this America-has-a-type thing that's been going on the past three years, as much as I love Kris and Cook and don't hate Lee. I just... idk. If a guy wins I want him to be quirky and different, and I guess that's why I'm stanning Brett even though he's going to get eliminated though I actually liked his performance and I don't get why people didn't because the points people have brought up seem kind of irrelevant but that's just me. But then again, I don't really like Scotty that much musically and don't see the appeal AT. ALL. I find his voice really dull and not all that special. Sorry, I don't mean this to be offensive or anything. That's why I'm striking this out, lol

I also want Pia or Karen to win because they're from New York. lol talk about a stupid reason.

So yeah. I want a girl to win. And I didn't expect to like Thia and Haley. But I did. And now, well, whatever.

Idol frustrates me. Totally not watching tomorrow though, lol. Though I probably will anyway.

Or even a Harry Styles

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I want a girl to win too! Pia, Thia or Karen would be cool. I'm sad that Julie didn't do better tonight. If they give her a second chance, she needs to stick to her genre and stop with this pop diva crap. You should watch Naima's performance of Summertime though. It was good.

I agree with you on Scotty, lol.

:D Ahhh, totally agree! I'd be fine with any of those. I think that Thia surprised me because of her age, but she was so good.

And I'm not even saying that Scotty shouldn't get his shot, you know? I'm just saying that he should try to be more versatile both in style and voice. They were like "It's amazing that you're country, and not pop country!" but it's not :/ He should add more sounds to his voice or something, like during the Beatles performance or else the voters are gonna be like, "This again, really?" And just blah.

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Thia definitely surprised me! But in a good way, so I threw some votes her way :)

And seriously, One Direction spoiled us. And Aiden spoiled us! Though I have to admit that Simon is going on all these talk shows saying, "WE. WANT. PERSONALITY. FOR AMERICAN X FACTOR. Be as wacky as you want!" I think that would be amazing.But NO WAGNER PLEASE.

Thank you so much! I replied to your message.

It's your journal though, chicka! If you want to be "inappropriate" or "negativity inducing" then go for it. :) *1D huddle cuddles* ♥

I also just like repressing negative things because I fail that way D:

Lucky I'm going to go see my therapist on Monday so it's okay! :)

Thank you so much <3

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Every country needs a version of them!

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