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Based on tonight I think the shoo-ins are Jacob and Casey, and not just because they got the final 2 spots. I think Scott has a pretty big chance of getting in as well blah, I don't get the appeal really. That leaves 2 spots and a wildcard. I'm hoping it's Paul, Brett, and Robbie. Unfortunately James Durbin will probably be in the top 6 guys as well. Ugh. Why do I get emotionally invested in this stuff? I'll be so sad for Brett if he doesn't get through and he's the only one I actually care about. And unfortunately I can see him not getting through so that Durbin can. I'm just gonna call Durbin by his last name from now on.

Ugh I'm gonna be too terrified to watch the results show.

Anyway, I'm voting as much as I can. Online I sent a vote Jacob's way, a vote Robbie's way, and the rest have gone to Brett. Haven't been able to get through by phone though. Stupid 2 hours thing, I wish it was like XF and we could vote until the results show. though that wouldn't be fair for the girls I guess.

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