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PLL has this amazing ability to make me like (almost) any and all love interests that the girls are given. IDEK what it is.

This episode was basically a GET IT episode in which -

1. Spencer spent the night with Toby in a hotel room and ogled him whilst he was shirtless. Though she did not put moves on him until the next morning when he kissed her and WHAT AN ADORABLE SCENE THAT WAS OKAY.

2. Emily and Paige met up at a karaoke bar and talked about their lesbianism and sang badly. Then they kissed outside and it was cute until the next day when Paige was all ashamed of her homosexuality and Emily was like "hale no." I like that though - even if I thought they were kinda cute, Paige needs some time to accept herself and it's not like every lesbian Emily meets has to be her new girlfriend. Who knows, maybe Paige will learn to accept herself between this episode and the next.

3. Aria told Ezra about The Jenna Thing and he TOLD HER HE LOVED HER NO MATTER WHAT <3

4. HANNA LOST HER ~V CARD~ TO CALEB. I can see that going over really well with Mona if Hanna decides to tell her, lol. Get it, you guys~

But some other intense stuff happened, of course. Caleb is a double agent or some shit, because at the end he was on this phone with someone saying he COULDN'T DO SOMETHING ANYMORE AND HE WAS OUT. Obviously because he loves Hanna too much to do whatever bad stuff he was doing. Hanna is worth it ya'll. And Ashley was awesome at the end of this episode. It takes a lot to understand what your kid is going through and if she's helping a boyfriend in need, well... even if he might not be in need for real due to that phone call

Spencer and Toby creeped on what they thought was Jenna's hotel room, but found a bag of ice that said "You're getting colder. - A" and Toby was all like ~who is A~ and Spencer was like ~idk idk~


Speaking of lesbians.

I feel like the only one not annoyed by the Tea/Tony storyline. No, I certainly do NOT ship them because, well, no, but I don't care that Tea is a lesbian and hooking up with Tony. Idk, people over at skinsfans are all pissed about it, saying, "I'm a lesbian and never have I ONCE thought about hooking up with a guy obvs it's the same for everyone~"

But the thing is, it's NOT the same for everyone.

I mean, this kind of storyline has been done before. On Queer as Folk, Lindsey hooked up with a man. Albeit an annoying one much like Tony, but still a man. Sometimes people DO question their sexuality, look at the individual and not just the parts.

This is why I hate labels but whatever.

So yeah even if I don't ship them because as individuals they annoy me, I don't hate the Tony/Tea storyline because of the lesbian-hooking-up-with-a-man thing. -kanyeshrug- In the UK version they had Tony, a straight guy, hooking up with Maxxie, a gay guy. I don't see the difference, just switched around sexualities and genders.

but in case you do see the difference i'm disabling comments lol

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