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Oh my god that was a TERRIBLE audition episode. There were a few people I liked, but for a two hour episode there should have been more. I actually liked Molly, the girl who worked in the White House, I thought her voice was amazing. I liked the girl who fangirled Steven Tyler more than the others, mostly just 'cause of the adorableness of her and Steven Tyler singing Dream On together. (And maybe I only liked that to spite Gokey, who was AT THE AUDITIONS and made appearances on my computer screen, how dare he).

The 15 year old girl who cried so much was SO ANNOYING. The kid they showed at the beginning to sings country, idk, there's just something that's not appealing to me.

There were some who were okay, like the girl who's a janitor and the girl who sang Chasing Pavements. Even if I don't think the song suited her voice that well, her voice was good. And the guy who sang The Man Who Can't Be Moved was alright.

And... Chris Medina. WOULD HAVE GOTTEN THROUGH WITHOUT HIS SOB STORY. Ugh. I think that he's sweet for staying with his girlfriend, but you don't DO that. They wheeled her out into the audition room so everyone could see JUST HOW a good guy Chris is. Or something. I don't know the purpose exactly, because they could have met her after. What would his girlfriend say if her brain damage didn't prevent her from speaking? She apparently said some things to Chris but WE couldn't hear, and had to rely on what HE said she said. The thing is, he probably would have gotten through without the sob story, like I said. His voice isn't the best, but now this is going to make him a front-runner.
Edit: I'm not blaming Chris for this at all. I don't think it's his fault this happened. I have a feeling it was the producers.

UGH why do I watch Idol? Suddenly I want this to be a girl's year. Even though they predicted it would be a girl's year last year and look how that turned out. Is America just not interested in hearing females sing right now? Not that I have anything against Cook or Lee, I like them, and I LOVE Kris. But ugh I just... I'm so going to rant about this to my mother later.

I hope tonight's episode is better. If Gokey isn't in the new episode, it'll be better by miles. I'm hoping for very few sob stories tonight. The only one that I've really sympathized/empathized with so far was that kid talking about bullying last week. Maybe I'm heartless, but Idol doesn't need sob stories. I'm hoping X Factor US doesn't have them.

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