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tv post~

I won't say very much about it but I'm quite ashamed to say IT MADE ME CRY. Seriously, it was so embarrassing. I was in the living room with my mom and sister and I started tearing up, especially at the very end. What is wrong with me?

I hate Noel and I hate Emily's mom. God, Emily's mom is SUCH a bitch. I guess she reacted to Emily's sexuality better than some parents would have. Some would have kicked her out. In the books she gets sent away.

But oh my god, I love Spencer, Hanna, and Aria. Which is cool because in the books the girls were actually pretty annoying. But what they did for Emily, arranging a get together for her and her girlfriend. They're FANTASTIC friends.

Yeah, okay, I'm focusing on the lesbian stuff. You can tell where my loyalties are.

I guess the show IS totally different than the books (thank goodness). I also love Aria and Ezra on the show and in the books I didn't care about them at all.

I want Lucas and Alex back though.

Also... American Idol starts back up again tomorrow. But since it's weeks of auditions I might skip those. That way I don't have to watch all the sob stories. I seriously hope they don't have those on the American X Factor when it starts. Anyway, yeah. I have mixed feelings about the new season. I think I'll give it a chance, but it'll be weird I think. Meh, I guess I shouldn't judge it before I see it.
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