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i could say you're the top, you're the apex, you're the zenith

you're colossal, you're terrific, you're delovely

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Writer's Block: Children of the sun
horton: jojo's face is hilarious
How do you think aliens would regard our society? If an alien ship landed in your backyard, would you run away or bring a bundt cake?

Watch the "To Serve Man" episode of The Twilight Zone.

This is how I picture it.

Thanks, Rod Serling. Thanks.

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It's a cookbook. It's a cookbook!


I watched it a few days ago because of the Sci fi Channel marathon and it's one of my favorites!

I remember watching that in 7th grade English.

I'm pretty sure it messed me up for life. xP

Teachers love showing students the Twilight Zone for some reason. When I took a class about death and dying, my teacher showed us Twilight Zone episodes (in addition to regular lessons). Can't say it helped me become more comfortable with the idea :/

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