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spoilers for performances and the results after the cut.

One Direction - AW. WHY NO LOUIS SOLO? HE IS THE ONLY ONE THERE HAS BEEN NO SOLO FROM. But they're precious singing this song. I can't even. lol. It also helps that this is basically my and Elizabeth's anthem. I love when they sing together. I'll probably watch this a bunch of times, just like last time. They're so cute!

John - This is a great song for him. Like, if next week's song for him is just as good I might just become a fan of him.

Matt - Bruno Mars is your hero? 'Kay, man. This is a good song for him. He and Bruno Mars actually have similar sounds to their voice. They can do random high pitches and not sound terrible.

Rebecca - I'm still not the biggest fan of her voice, but "Feeling Good" works really well with her voice. It makes it sound better. Lol. So yeah this was a good song choice for her. Props to you, Cheryl. Never thought I would rank Rebecca above Aiden, but you proved me wrong.

Aiden - I like it pretty well. Lol, his singing style is so weird. But his voice works for this song. Simon looked bored at that flash of him. Now he looks less boring, just like he's critically thinking. Why should I care what Simon's face is like? Aiden looked terrified after that!

Mary - Yeah, she's got a fab voice. She did really well with the song. I haven't even heard the song before, tbh, even though I like Dusty Springfield some. But I really liked the performance.

Treyc - I liked her song. She's doing pretty well with it. I don't know how it's possible I've never heard "Purple Rain" before, but it doesn't sound like something karaoke. Good job.!

Diva Fever - Cher is still in the competition but Diva Fever got eliminated? There is NO justice in the world! Lol, the performance wasn't superb, but still. Better than Cher. They have more potential.

Paije - What are you doing sitting on the steps all cute like? OOH! This just picked up! I like it! Well, mainly the chorus. Yeah, this is good.

Katie - Trying to be objective. Well, A) she doesn't look like a robot this week. B) This song is better for her voice. But C) Her voice is really whiny.

Belle Amie - It only really sounds good when they sing together. And WHAT is their eye makeup?

Storm - I'm gonna miss him. But this isn't that great of a performance. It's not, like, one of those ~make a mark~ performances. It's just kind of there. So I can see why he got eliminated. It was a bit forgettable.

Wagner - Ranking him above Cher because anything is better than Cher. But I still don't ~get it. Basically my reaction to this is, "Wat."

Cher - I'm writing this as I'm watching her performance of "Hard Knock Life." And... girl can't really make her singing voice work. She always has a rapping part, but I'm starting to feel like that's a gimmick. Yeah, that performance just left me feeling cold.

Telephone - REBECCA'S BOW. Katie's voice is terrible for this song. One Direction and Belle Amie sound fab, as do most people. Like how they gave Cher the rapping solo. Great. I feel like going back and watching it but tuning out Katie.


Maybe a real entry later! Lol!
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