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In which I watch the X Factor.

I'm going to cover them in the order in which I liked them. Starting with best, ending with... not the best.

- MATT. I'm with Michael Buckley on this one. Go Matt! Danni did well picking him. I love his hat. I hope that if he makes it through to the finals he wears it in the finals. Just because. Oh look at him, trying to open his eyes during his performance. LOL Louis. "You're a music man!"

- ONE DIRECTION. THEY ALL ACTUALLY SANG UNLIKE IN THE QUALIFYING JUDGES HOUSE SONG. They all seemed so excited and were smiling during the performance. So presh! I like how they sound together. ZAIN AND LOUIS (NOT LOUIS WALSH) AT THE END I SHIP IT. JUST KIDDING BECAUSE THAT WOULD MAKE ME CREEPY BUT AWW THEY HUGGED. I'm so glad Niall got a solo! He seemed so excited. I want Louis to get a solo! I have watched this five times now. I hope Michael Buckley reviews X-Factor this week so we can hear him talk about One Direction. He was totes right when he was all, "They're all like Justin Bieber but dreamier" lollololol. IDEK. Oh, and when I first saw the pictures of their new looks I was like "LOL WUT LIAM'S HAIRCUT" but now I *get* it. It works. Also, I loved when Zain was singing, Harry looked all angsty and serious and Niall was all smiley and happy. This is crack for me. By the end of writing this review thing, I've watched this fifteen times, I'm sure. I'll probably watch it many more times.


- Storm Lee - It just worked for him. Love the pink hair and glittery eyes btw, Storm.

- Diva Fever - Tbh, I'm always going to love anything these guys do. I don't even care if they're not the best EVAR, they'll always get a high rating from me.


- Mary - I'm only halfway listening through the performance but I know I like this. There is glitter on her outfit! One of the few ~strong performances.

- Treyc - Yeah, definitely liked this.

- Aiden - So angsty. I guess it's the perfect song for him if he doesn't connect with the audience. I wonder if Danni is going to keep giving him songs where he can act crazy? Either way, I liked it enough. WOO, Simon's shoutout to Adam Lambert!

- Katie - I don't know. I liked it somewhat, but it didn't seem like the right song for her.

- Nicolo - I think maybe he's X-Factor's Tim Urban. Not that great but lulzy so they keep him around.

- Wagner - Wagner, I have never heard you sing before but now I have and you are hilarious.

- John - I like his voice more than Rebecca's, but I feel similarly about his performance as hers.

- Rebecca - Okay, but nothing special. Decent. I'm really tired of voices like hers, but it's decent.

- Belle Amie - It wasn't strong, but it was somewhat decent. Maybe if they stay another week, I'll like them better. I really liked when they sang "Faith" at Simon's house. But yeah, agreed with Cheryl on this one.

- Paije - Kind of like Katie, I just liked it a little less. Still like him tho.

- Cher - The rapping was good, the singing not so much. The judges loved it? WHAT? No, Simon, my doubts were not blown away. Certainly not yet. A new little star. LOL. OK, SIMON COWELL. "I absolutely loved you which is probably the wrong thing for me to say because I'm fifty-one years old." WHAT IS WITH YOU, SIMON?

- FYD - Good try. Tbh I don't like any covers of "Billionaire" that much, not even the Glee one. LOL, Louis. "You did so great but you're better dancers than singers." Hmm, I wonder how many of them are gay. LOL SIMON. "People are singing AND dancing, Louis." Louis: "But you have to sing in TUNE."

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