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I didn't know it was possible to love The Vampire Diaries more than I already do.

First: Tyler and Jeremy! They need to have sex already. They just do. I'm going to go back and watch their scenes just because. Just... ahhh! And they had girls over to Tyler's house but didn't give a crap about them. And obviously the whole vampire girl thing isn't working out for Jeremy, so... maybe werewolf boys will be a better alternative for him. Seriously. In "The Return," where they were just standing there and HURTS's "Wonderful Life" was playing I knew they were soulmates. :p So. Now I want to write some slash for them? Or just read it. Is there a TVD slash community? Ahhh, if there isn't I want one to exist.

Second: Caroline was freaking FIERCE in this episode. And just... perfect. I feel so bad for her with the whole mom thing. I hate her mom rn.

Third: They played New Politics AND Kris Allen on this episode. :DDDDD

Fourth: I don't know how I feel about Stefan drinking Elena's blood, but it's canon in the books and I won't judge it till we get to see how it works out. I still love them.

Fifth: Damon. I seriously like him better this season. Except for when he killed Jeremy. But other than that. I also love Stefan trying to negotiate peace between them and Mason and then helping Damon when he was given vervain.

Tags: is he a homosexual or something?, tv: the vampire diaries
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