Darcy (ilikehumanflesh) wrote,

I just watched Degrassi Takes Manhattan.

WTF was that?

I did like the Holly J/Fiona/Declan storyline. It was done better than I thought it would be. Holly J. and Declan are so cute. Fiona is ridiculous. I loved when Holly J. was like "They're interviewing this band where I intern..." and Jane was like "OMGZ THAT'S MY BAND" and Declan was all "I love New York." And I loved when Declan told Fiona off after what she did at the party. And when he went to get Holly J. back and Holly J. was like "Okay well this is your LAST chance" obviously meaning she loves him and he was all goofy happy. Just... aw!

But... LOL at the Emma/Spinner storyline. EL. OH. EL. They barely spoke in school and suddenly they're old friends? And in love and getting married? I mean they had some cute scenes, but it was so random and out of character.

Liberty acted kind of strange :/ Like, much more refined than she was or something.

Peter is still cute, idgaf.

Tags: lmao wtf, tv: degrassi
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