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i could say you're the top, you're the apex, you're the zenith

you're colossal, you're terrific, you're delovely

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I went to go see Eclipse.
newsies: they almost kiss
It was actually really funny.


Lol I just yelled at my mom for talking about my attempt to lose weight with my grandparents. way to make me wanna die, family members. thanks.

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I should go see it but with how disappointed I was with New Moon I reckon I'll watch it online. Boo me.

Aw, back to basics :P

Haha I hate when my parents talk about me to other people, especially about things like that!!

It's okay, I didn't seven see New Moon! My girlfriend wanted me to go see Eclipse with her and I wanted her to be happy so I went with her! And we spent the almost the whole time laughing. :P And I did watch the first movie online, so I understand :p

It was pretty funny! When I saw it everyone in the theater was cracking up!

LOL! There were some key parts where people in the theater laughed and then there were some parts when I swear the only people laughing were me and Elizabeth. I know for me personally it was hard to take seriously.

Oh I know! I just kept thinking oh my gosh people go crazy over this ridiculous movie! lol Lame! The only parts that I really like are the ones with the secondary characters! Or mainly any scene not focusing solely on freakin Bella and Edward!

Jasper and Alice were AMAZING and adorable tbh.

They were! I loved Jasper in this movie. Which is weird because I usually don't go for him very much. I LOVE Rosalie! The part where she broke in to kill Royce dressed in a wedding dress? My favorite scene of like the whole movie! lol

She was ~a little dramatic~ back then. LOL.

Yeah, but I thought the wedding dress was a little bit of poetic justice! lol

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