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I have absolutely no emotional attachment to this season anymore. I'm kind of sad about it, reflecting on last season, but it also gives me a lot more energy to concentrate on reading and writing and my Elizabeth.

But thoughts on Tuesday and last night.

Big Mike, I hate to admit it, was the best of the night for me, followed by Lee. For once, Mike wasn't boring. I was shocked. But it's easy to get into a song like "The Way You Look Tonight." I probably won't illegally download that studio, but props to him for not being boring this week. Lee was good.

Crystal is getting more and more boring. I was never on that train, because right away she struck me as not very versatile. To me, she STILL sounds the same. And it's sad, because she's the only female left in the competition, but I'm not surprised by that. The world is into male singers right now. I mean, look at Idol, seasons 7 and 8. Look at the most recent X Factor top 2. Look at who we concentrate on besides the top 2 for X-Factor. Jedward, etc. I'm not at all surprised by the male-dominated top 5.

I guess I'm frustrated because the finale is not going to be as exciting as last year. I remember being all "OMG OMG OMG THE FINALE." This year, I'm going to be, "oh, lol. the finale, that's today."

Bring back season 8, please. I'd even settle for 7, and I barely watched that one.

I have no choice but to put my support behind Lee, simply because of his personality. His voice is good and he's a good singer. I can't connect with his performances, though. Maybe he'll grow on me in the next few weeks.

I'm predicting Crystal, Lee, and Mike for the top 3. Hopefully with Lee winning. I don't care who the runner up is anymore. Unless it's Casey, they're all the same to me now.

Oh, and I finished three books since my last entry:

Sweethearts by Sara Zarr, which was about two childhood friends who had previously been outcasts. One disappears and the other transforms and becomes beautiful and popular, and then the one who disappeared comes back and ~shakes things up.

Love is the Higher Law by David Levithan, which is about 9/11 and three high school/college students' reactions to it, and them all becoming friends.

The Secret Year by Jennifer Hubbard, which is about this guy whose secret female sex buddy died in a car accident and about how he deals with life after that, while reading this diary full of letters she wrote to him but never showed him.

Oh me and my book taste. I liked the first two the most. The third was still good though.
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