Darcy (ilikehumanflesh) wrote,

Idol last night....

What was that?

Good points:

1. Miley. Looooooove her. I know she gets a lot of hate but she handles it really well. She gave the contestants good advice and she was really nice to them. She looked legitimately excited for them when she was sitting in the audience. Girl is awesome.

2. Didi. I don't really care what the judges say. I liked it.

3. Siobhan. She shouldn't do the scream every week, but I like her regardless. She made the song interesting because she, herself, is interesting.

4. Crystal. While I admit I've stopped paying attention to Crystal, I'm excited for what she has in store for next week.

5. Kara was on her game! I'm getting more impressed with her tbh.


1. Tim was meh. I liked the song and he did it well but there are still so many songs he doesn't have the voice for. I'm not sure, but did he have to strain for this one? I didn't mind the moving around on stage or the slide or that it was silly. I mean, jeez, look at Adam and Lady Gaga. They're both fabulous and they do silly things on stage sometimes and they get applauded for it. Not that I'm equating Tim with them by any means, but it was a copout on the judges' part. Talk about his voice, please.

2. Katie Stevens. Didn't hate it. Didn't love it.

3. Aaron. He did the song well but THAT SONG NEEDS TO BE RETIRED FROM IDOL. PLEASE? Cook did it. Allison did it. Maybe Aaron did it in hopes that he'd be successful in the competition?

4. Big Mike is boring. BAWWWW-RING. But he has a good voice.

5. Casey. Didn't mind his performance but he should have changed it up a bit. Made it more his own. Am I starting to sound like Kara?

Not good:

1. Paige Miles. NO.

2. Andrew Garcia. NO.

3. I didn't get home in time for Lee but lol, I don't care, and that in itself is probably bad.


Tags: celeb: miley cyrus, tv: american idol
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