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i could say you're the top, you're the apex, you're the zenith

you're colossal, you're terrific, you're delovely

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Doing this before I forget~
newsies: they almost kiss

1. Crystal - Didn't make it home in time to see her, sadly. I'll watch later.

2. Haeley. WTF NO. I bet Simon was comparing her to Joe and Olly in his head the whole time. Honestly, I just think that her voice is irritating. Hopefully she leaves.

3. Lacey. WAAAAY better than last week. I thought the rendition of the song was cute. She might go home tomorrow tho.

4. Katie is just not interesting to me, but she did better than last week. Why do the judges keep telling her to be younger? Like seventeen or sixteen year olds aren't allowed to have serious feelings or sing "old" songs?

5. Didi might also go home. I don't know. I liked her performance and I thought that the judges were unnecessarily bitchy. Please don't send her home and leave us with Haeley, America. PLEASE.

6. Michelle. Well, she made a Creed song into something positive and certainly more pleasing.

7. Lilly. I liked her. She better get into the top 12.

8. Katelyn. I won't lie. I liked her last week. I liked her a lot this week as well. I did compare her to Stacey Solomon a bit, but hey, only because it was recent.

9. Paige was better than last week. Okay, she can stay.

10. SIOBHANNNNNNNNNNNN. ♥____♥ I love her and her weirdness and omg. If it's a two girls top two, please be Siobhan and Crystal, for the love of goodness.

Who do I think will be the top 6 girls? Glad you asked.

Crystal. Siobhan. Michelle. Lilly. Katelyn. Paige.

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Fucking Haeley. UGH.

Katelyn was really good this week. I wasn't too impressed with my faves, Lilly and Didi, but whatever.

And Siobhan, omgg. Love love love.

LOL Siobhan is great, but last night's show showed me why some people on ontd_ai think she's a serial killer. I finally understood.

HAELEY ANNOYS THE SHIT OUT OF ME. As soon as I saw that she was singing Miley Cyrus, I was like, "OH GOD, PLEASE NO!" All this happy, 16-year-old crap. It needs to go. Get with the program, Haeley. Sing another song. Or get off the show. I'd prefer the latter.

Yeah, I honestly just don't think she's right for it. Her voice and arrangements are all over the place. The Climb has the potential to be good with the right people singing it, example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jEca0ZnzOKw ... but honestly I don't think any songs would be right for Haeley until she grows up a bit or something.

This is a bit late, but I agree, Haeley was AWWWWWWFUL.

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