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idol last night. idk idk.

Okay, granted, I didn't get home in time to watch Big Mike, but I did see everyone else.

I'm going to be totally honest here. Yeah, John is attractive, but I'm not going to be biased here. His performance wasn't that bad. Little bland, but hey, Anoop had some bland moments. Hopefully he gets the chance to get better. More exciting/captivating. Because I do like his voice and I do think he has that potential.

Other's I liked.

ALEX LAMBERT. I decided I really like him.

Aaron Kelly. I'll be honest about him too. I do like him. I don't get the DNW that others have toward him. He's a cute kid and can sing pretty well.

I actually liked Tim's performance as well.

And I like Casey in general. I'm a little in between about his performance last night, but still, I like him.

These are the DNW performances for me:

JERMAINE. Ughhhh. Just. UGH. I liked him in his audition. Then he became obnoxious.

Todrick wasn't that interesting. Has the potential to do better though.

Andrew. Just because his performance was boring. It was more interesting last week.

Lee. Do we really need another singer with this voice?

Excited to see the girls tonight. Luckily I'll get home in time to see the girls that I'm looking forward to most. :D Like Siobhan!

I'm kind of tired. Had to get up early for the library!
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