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Okay, I have to say... what? Seriously, what? I mean, this storyline did seem somewhat sudden. Whenever people talked to Effy about the "love" thing she'd always be like "oh, yeah, it's okay." Unenthusiastically. Was this why? Gah.

Okay, instead of focusing on all the negative WAT stuff, I'm going to focus on what I liked about this episode.

1. KAREN. I loved her few appearances. She wanted to cut Freddie's hair! She comforted Freddie when Effy cut herself. She's enjoyable.

2. WILL YOUNG. I love everything about Will Young, lol. I loved that his character is obsessed with Michael Jackson. I loooved the dialogue between him and Freddie. "What would Michael say?" "I'm bad?" etc. LOL. OMG, and the "Leave Right Now" joke! For those of you who don't know but watch Idol, "Leave Right Now" is the boot song on Idol this year, and Will Young is the artist. There was a part where Will Young's character was like, "Don't you think you should leave?" and Freddie replied with, "Right Now?" I FUCKING BURST OUT LAUGHING. Caught the joke immediately. LOVE IT.

3. The guy with the carriage. NO SEX ALLOWED ON THE CARRIAGE. He made sure to point out this sign to Freddie and Effy. LOL.

4. Freddie's grandfather! He's such an awesome old guy. Love him.

5. Freddie taking care of Effy when she basically wouldn't/couldn't do anything. At least he really does love her, no matter how one may feel about the Freffy pairing.

6. KATIE FUCKING FITCH. I loved how much she helped out too.

7. Cook at the end comforting his bestie! Clearly Freddie was not handling the whole thing well, lollll. But Cook! He was helpful at the end.

The guys. Finally got around to watching this episode. And... um.

1. I don't get why Simon was so YAY about Lee. It might be because I don't really ~get "Chasing Cars" but I'm really tired of that kind of voice anyway.

2. Poor Alex Lambert was nervous. Then again, they probably all were. Liked the song tho.

3. Joe! He did pretty well, actually. :')

4. John Park does show serious promise. He just needs to choose a song that will appeal to more people. I understand choosing a song that you connect with emotionally, but you're trying to appeal to the nation, not just your family. He's nice to look at tho.

5. Andrew Garcia. Meh. I'm meh about him, but I didn't find the arrangement as terrible as the judges did.

6. At least Tyler was interesting.

7. CASEY. He completely won me over with that performance. Lulz at him and Kara tho.

8. Jermaine can gtfo.

9. I was actually surprised that I liked Big Mike.

10. Todrick. No. Just no.

11. Aaron was okay I guess.

12. Tim Urban. Why did you do that? WHY DID YOU DO THAT?


1. Surprised about the guys. Not surprised about the girls. Janell handled it really well. Ashley was kinda snappy. Yeah, she just got eliminated, but gah. Joe was a sweetheart and Tyler's final song was better than the performance night.

2. ALLISON IRAHETA. "Scars" was awesome. :D

3. KRIS. KRISKRISKRIS. Beautiful performance of "Let It Be." I hope he goes on Idol again during the season (besides the finale).

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