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I might be reviewing Idol idk idk

So I have about 25 minutes until I have to call the library because I might not be able to go. The driveway's not plowed yet. But let's do this.

Best (random order):

Worst (random order):

Stand out performances:

Siobhan - Like Simon said, she's a "funny little thing." I kind of expected that, though. I really like her. I thought her performance was really interesting and she has a good voice and I love how awkward she is. I guess I just really like awkward people. Also, I have a tiny crush on her because she reminds me of Elizabeth in some ways. So I might be biased, idk. I just know that I want to see more of what she does. She seems like the most versatile singer out of the girls, considering what the judges said after her performance.

Lilly - First good performance of the night. It really was a pretty random song and it was one of those performances that made me want to look up the song to compare and contrast but not criticize. That's hardly ever happened to me.

Crystal - I liked how she was like, "I'm honestly doing this just so I get a bigger paycheck so I can take care of my kid." I loved that honesty. Because a lot of people on Idol say the same thing, "I always have wanted this so badly!" Crystal tells a different story.

Haeley - Only because... well, I don't know what I expected from her. Giver her a few years and she could be decent. But her voice was all over the place. I don't even care that she covered The Beatles (as Katelyn and Lilly did too). It was more that her voice WAS screech and all over the place. It's a shame because I was looking forward to her. She's different than a lot of the singers we've seen on Idol. All of the African American girls want to be be Mary J. Blige or a diva. I'm not saying that's bad, but it's definitely different that she wants to do pop-country. But she's definitely in danger of leaving.

I don't think there are artists that you "just don't cover" on Idol, but I do think it's easy to go about it in an entirely wrong way.

Top 12 guys tonight. I'm personally rooting for John and Tyler.

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