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i could say you're the top, you're the apex, you're the zenith

you're colossal, you're terrific, you're delovely

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newsies: they almost kiss

Andrew Fenlon forever.

I liked some people for serious, though. :) Like the girl who sang Alicia Keys. And that other guy blllolllu and _ai are stanning.

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My bb Dianna looked so tipsy at all the photos from that event. Love her ♥

Confused about the photo...are those girls from Glee?

Edited at 2010-01-13 06:52 am (UTC)

Yup! The cheerleader Santana and the girl who plays Quinn :)

That's who I thought! Although Dianna looks very different on the show. I almost didn't recognize her!

Totally understood. I didn't recognize Naya (who plays Santana) at first.

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