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i could say you're the top, you're the apex, you're the zenith

you're colossal, you're terrific, you're delovely

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newsies: they almost kiss
I am going to write about The X-Factor now. LOL.

So basically, my three favorites were in the finale. I loved Stacey, I loved Olly, and I loved Joe. Lloyd is adorable and so are Jedward, but those three were the most appealing to me.

The first night of the finale, Stacey got to sing with Michael Buble! They were so cute, especially when he pulled her into a hug at the end. It was precious. Olly sang with Robbie Williams, and they sang "Angels," which I love. It was a great duet. And Joe sang with George Michael. OK, Joe fanboyed over George Michael SO MUCH. He has such a Big Gay Crush on him. I showed the video of the duet to Belinda and she totally agreed with me. At the end of the first night, Stacey got eliminated, which I think was best. I think that Olly and Joe were the most appealing, though I loved Stacey. I think that people got tired of Leona/Alexandra type winners too. I mean, her voice is amazing, but so are the other two's. I would also love to mention that I love Olly's "Fool in Love" rendition and I've watched it 2973982 times.

So LAST night was intense. Joe sang "Don't Stop Believing" and Olly sang "Twist and Shout." Both were pretty awesome. :D They also both sang "The Climb," which is the coronation song. IDEC, I love Miley and I love that song. Though unnecessary Miley hate is another issue for another entry. They both sang it beautifully. Olly put more emotion into it than I think he ever had throughout the live weeks, and Joe was pretty much a natural at it.

I'm happy Joe won. I would have been happy for Olly too. I don't get it when people are butthurt about it tbh. Simon LOVES Olly, and chances are Olly's going to get a recording contract anyway, because he's fabulous.

OMG. I haven't watched the whole series yet, so I watched the Judges house 1 thing for Joe and WILL YOUNG WAS THE GUEST JUDGE!? OMG FAAAAABULOUS. I honestly think that Joe is such a combination of Will and David Archuleta. He just reminds me of the two combined. Will is adorable, and he spoke to Joe really gently. Maybe he just does that. Or maybe his gay senses were tingling, IDEK. Either way, too precious. OH AND A VERY GAY THING ABOUT JOE - When he sang "Sway," he was surrounded by male dancers. My own gay senses were tinging with that one.

Also precious was Olly's family video in last night's finale, btw. He was so adorable when he was watching it. PRESHHH.

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I was 15 feet away from Will Young on Thursday night. I went to a taping of the Graham Norton Show that had him, Ed Byrne, and Robert Downey, Jr. on it. It airs in the US next week, I think. It's really funny because on the show, Graham made Will make a prediction about who was going to win X Factor (I dunno if it made it, considering he was the judge. I haven't had a chance to watch it yet).

But he's fantastic! Love love love love LOVE him. I wish Olly had won, but Joe was fab, too.

You were that close to Will Young? I AM JEALOUS BEYOND BELIEF.

I definitely want to watch that!

Olly's fantastic. I would have been content either way :D

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