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i could say you're the top, you're the apex, you're the zenith

you're colossal, you're terrific, you're delovely

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newsies: they almost kiss
Last.fm top 10 artist meme

1. Kris Allen
2. Theo Tams
3. Patrick Wolf
4. Ferras
5. Britannia High Cast
6. Will Young
7. Lady GaGa
8. Adam Lambert
9. Glee Cast
10. The Kinks

1. What was the 1st song you ever heard by 5?
"Start of Something" - Because I watched the show.

2. What is your favorite album of 8?
Idk - the one he just released, as it's his only one so far.

3. What are your favorite lyrics of 6?
Your mind - you should be afraid of it.

4. How many times have seen each of your ten bands live?

5. What is your favorite song by number 7?
Money Honey.

6. Is there a song of 3 that makes you sad?
Probably "The Childcatcher"... I try not to listen to it.

7. What is your favorite song by 2?
"Here We Go Again," but his whole album is perfection.

8.what is your favorite song by 9?
The "It's My Life/Confessions Pt. II" mashup.

9.what is your favorite album by 1?
His first/only one?

10. How did you get into 3?
Idk, I heard good things, so I listened to him.

11. What is your favorite song by 4?
Soul Rock.

12. Which of the 10 has influenced you the most?
Kris, I think.

13. What is a good memory concerning 2?
Talking to Elizabeth about him :)

14. What is a good memory concerning 3?
Well, listening to "Hard Times" makes me feel ~empowered, so...

15. Is there a song by 8 that makes you sad?
Not really.

16. What is your favorite song of 1?

17. How did you become a fan of 10?
Busted and McFly covered "Lola" and I looked up the original.

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