Darcy (ilikehumanflesh) wrote,

Because I have to run to class after I post this.

Dear female characters on TV shows,

Can you PLEASE stop lying about your pregnancies?


I don't think Michelle ever DID tell David in the last episode of Kings. And now on Glee... gah. Terri. Just... Terri. She's still faking her pregnancy. It's like a V.C. Andrews book but more crack-filled. And she got her OBGYN in on it. Basically her sister threatened to sue him or something. Wtf. Where was Emma. She may be quirky, but she is not getting on my nerves, and plus I love her. And then there's Quinn. She sang a song about how Finn is staying with her even though he wants Rachel. NO CRAP, DARLIN'. YOU TOLD HIM HE'S THE FATHER OF YOUR BABY. Tell him the truth and he will probably let you go.

I continue to love the fabulousness that is Kurt.

And I DO love that Quinn has the support of glee club.

Oh my god, Sue was insanely hilarious this episode. Except in the end D: D: D:

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