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i could say you're the top, you're the apex, you're the zenith

you're colossal, you're terrific, you're delovely

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Because I have to run to class after I post this.
newsies: they almost kiss

Dear female characters on TV shows,

Can you PLEASE stop lying about your pregnancies?


I don't think Michelle ever DID tell David in the last episode of Kings. And now on Glee... gah. Terri. Just... Terri. She's still faking her pregnancy. It's like a V.C. Andrews book but more crack-filled. And she got her OBGYN in on it. Basically her sister threatened to sue him or something. Wtf. Where was Emma. She may be quirky, but she is not getting on my nerves, and plus I love her. And then there's Quinn. She sang a song about how Finn is staying with her even though he wants Rachel. NO CRAP, DARLIN'. YOU TOLD HIM HE'S THE FATHER OF YOUR BABY. Tell him the truth and he will probably let you go.

I continue to love the fabulousness that is Kurt.

And I DO love that Quinn has the support of glee club.

Oh my god, Sue was insanely hilarious this episode. Except in the end D: D: D:


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GLEE'S FEMALE CHARACTERS ANNOY ME 99.9 % OF THE TIME. SRSLY, WRITERS. I love the show, because my stupid gay made me get hooked on it, but the female characters bother me to no end.

SERIOUSLY. I mean, when one is awesome, the others suck. And when all of them suck, the awesome one is nowhere to be found D: I love Emma but she wasn't even in it yesterday :(

EXACTLY :( I love Emma's wardrobe, especially. Holy shit. I want to be able to dress like her when I become a teacher.

THIS NEEDS TO HAPPEN! She dresses so adorably. And it really compliments her personality too, and I think it would compliment yours because you're fabulous as well!

I figured I wouldn't be able to wear leopard pants when I go into the real world HOWEVER, there is a quirky light at the end of the tunnel~

And awww shucks, thanks, bb!

You are quite welcome :D :D

(Deleted comment)

Seriously I'm getting tired of:
a) Finn being an idiot and not realizing that you CANNOT GET PREGNANT FROM JUST SITTING IN A JACUZZI TUB. Even if there is sperm. Jesus. Sperm don't just have some kind of honing device and swim as fast as they can to the nearest vagina if they are not actually INSIDE a vagina. Don't even get me started on my rant about how many men know NOTHING about female reproduction.

b) Terri LYING and Will being a MORON and not realizing it.

When will it END?

I feel like the stupidity WON'T end, at least until the 13th or so episode, which was intended to be the season finale. Finn is kind of stupid, you're totally right. Some of his stupid moments are cute, but I can't believe he doesn't realize that he couldn't have gotten Quinn pregnant.

my biggest fear is that terri is going to end up pregnant anyway. DON'T GO THERE GLEE, PUNISH HER FOR HER STUPIDITY :/


And even then, Will will realize she's been lying to him anyway. :|

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