Darcy (ilikehumanflesh) wrote,

oh ok den

Your famous boyfriend is Michael Cera.
He's kinda dorky, kinda quirky, totally cute, and totally your new boyfriend. If you got this result, maybe you share his" sweet and innocent on the outside, unpredictable sense of humor on the inside" style. You could make inside jokes with him all day, but sometimes you'll just want to snuggle up against his soft hoodie and listen to his heart beating inside. Michael seems like the kind of guy who completely forgets that he's famous when you're alone with him. He just wants to be your boyfriend, who happens to act for a living. If he gets recognized while he's on a date with you, it'll probably be just as weird for him as it is for the random stranger who spots him on the street.
Tags: quiz, website: the-n
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