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i could say you're the top, you're the apex, you're the zenith

you're colossal, you're terrific, you're delovely

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newsies: they almost kiss
Ok, I know I just posted an entry. Yes, I know I suck.

But I need to do tv reviews!

Let me just start off by saying I haven't seen the original movie in years. I read the Wikipedia entry. I remember nothing, though.

That being said, I think the new show is adorable. If you don't compare it to the original movie, I don't think it should be a problem for most people.

Thing is, I love Lindsey Shaw. She was on Ned's Declassified and on Aliens in America and has a pretty good acting range. And I think everyone else on it is pretty awesome. I've seen three episodes of it, but I can't wait to see more.

And yeah, maybe I'll watch the original movie again at some point. But I feel like I still won't be pissed off if I do.

I just watched the pilot of this. To be honest, it had me laughing out loud and aww-ing at how adorable it is. I have to say, Alexa Vega's character is kind of a Mary Sue, though I'm not using that as insult. She does fit the characteristics of one, but you know what, I like her character Ruby anyway.

And Jordan, Austin Butler's character, is awww-worthy as well. He has total crush on Ruby, who happens to be his cousin. I don't care, I ship it a little after one episode. Yes, I'm a crazy bench.

And David and Patrick are awesome. I forgot the name of Patrick's wife, but I like her a lot! And I also like Ben too.

So I'll be watching more of this as well.

No, this hasn't premiered yet. But I have to get something off my chest here.

PEOPLE DON'T LOOK LIKE HOW THEY LOOK IN THE BOOKS AND IT ANNOYS ME. I mean, I don't care in general, but in the books Elena has blonde hair, which makes her look all angelic when she's part spirit, and idk. And Bonnie has red hair. And I know better than to count on characters in movies or TV shows looking like their book characters, but it just irks me.

I'm still going to give the show a chance, though. I decided that.

Oh, the Idol off-season. Gah.

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(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Exactly. It's kind of like, "Hm, what do I post? I guess I'll post about shows on ABC Family!" This past season of Idol I posted about it obsessively (which probably annoyed my flist, lmao).

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