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i could say you're the top, you're the apex, you're the zenith

you're colossal, you're terrific, you're delovely

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I know everyone is tired of this.
newsies: they almost kiss

ALRIGHT. I had prepared myself for Adam to win. Everyone was predicting it, even Kris himself. But Kris won. Kris has always been my favorite, and Adam has really, really grown on me. I would have been happy for both. I AM happy for both. I just don't want Kris to face any backlash about how he stole this from Adam. I don't want any crazies to hate him :( I don't want anyone to hate either of them.


Ellen Hopkins
Taking bets... next year this time, Adam Lambert has exponentially better the career than Kris.
9 minutes ago · Comment

No! No, that's not what this is about, Ellen Hopkins, the author! Kris and Adam love each other. They have the bromance to end all bromances. Kris let Adam kiss his ear. We can't pit them against each other. :( I know that's not logical, especially since I have a favorite, but I do kind of love them both. We need to back them both up, because they back each other up. Kris and Adam have both said they've won. They're both getting signed. They're friends. We don't need hate.

As Kris sang in that song Simon Fuller chose for him, only love can conquer hate ~

Everyone needs to be mature. Both guys are amazing. They love each other. They both seem super nice. Can't we be super nice?


Do it for your Idols, guys. They want you to. It's what they've been saying along.

Congratulations, Kris! You're the American Idol! You're amazing!

Congratulations, Adam! You're an American Idol as well, and you are fabulous!

lmao @ me talking to a particular audience as if they'll read this.

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your fav won, i'm happy for you! XD

My dad asked me this morning if I thought Adam got robbed since my parents knew I liked him best and they were rooting for him too. But I was like NO Kris deserved it just as much. I hope he doesn't get hate either. He's genuinely talented, as is Adam.

Exactly :D They're amazing.

I love your icon :)

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