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I know these are probably annoying.

Okay, for Idol.

Here's how it went down.

Adam's "Mad World" was fierce. Simon thought it was "too theatrical," but that's who he is. That's what he said during the auditions, but it seems like the judges go back and forth on that. I really liked it, and Adam has definitely grown on me. Plus he's kinda cute, gotta admit.

Kris's "Ain't No Sunshine" was SO GOOD. I can't even say too much, but it was AMAZING and I'm SO HAPPY he got this far. :D

Then Adam's next song. I couldn't really get into it, but I will hand it to him, he's quite the performer. I'm glad he's there too :)

Kris's next song "What's Going On." I don't know why Simon hated it so much. Because it was too "light" for the finale? That's the kind of artist he is. It's kind of like Adam's performance being "too theatrical" - like, really? That's the kind of artists they are. Idk what Simon was on tonight.

OK, then comes the Kara song of doom, also known as "No Boundaries." Both versions, Kris's and Adam's, weren't up to par. Instead of insulting the song both times, the judges judged based on the season. I was happy about that though, lmao. I was glad to hear Simon tell Kris he deserved to be there. But they are treating him as the runner up already, or at least it just seems that way. I think he'll be okay with that. According to Alex Wagner-Trugman and Kris himself, Kris never expected to get this far at all. His goal was to make the top 10.

Okay, enough Idol rambling. There will be more tomorrow, but then since tomorrow is the last show, you won't have to suffer through more.


I about died when Jonathan was supposedly Gossip Girl. But he's not, lmao. Or at least he claims he's not! It's a good cover story, saying he hacked into a server! Anyway, Eric was in this episode too! I love those two.

Blair and Chuck got together!! :)

Jenny is the new Queen Bee. She's doing away with headbands? WHAT?

Georgina being Blair's roommate is full of FUNNY. I can't wait till next season.


I loved it a lot, except I need to rewatch it because everyone (my parents and sister) kept talking through it and I couldn't hear everything, but I saw a ton of stuff and I really liked the episode! It's a pretty adorable show and I can't wait to see more of it :) I love the music.

Lea Michele was really dramatic. I love her role, though.

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