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I need to talk about how much love I have for this adorable, amazing show.

Spoilers ahead.

Here we go.

Okay, so Britannia High. Basically, it's about these teenagers, and it's their first year at a performing arts school that supposedly has very famous graduates. They all want to be well known for what they're good at - singing, dancing, acting, whatever. Judging from the opening song, they did not really "belong" before, but now that they're at a performing arts school, they can be themselves. This does not mean that they do not encounter ~drama~, however. They have plenty of drama, with their families, and with others.

So let me introduce you to the characters.

Lauren Waters:

played by Georgina Hagen


The first episode revolves around her. She's the one student at Britannia High who didn't audition to get into the school. The principal Mr. Nugent saw her singing one day and thought she and Britannia High would be a perfect fit. Lauren is pretty nice, and though I don't dislike her, probably one of the more ordinary characters on the show. She becomes more awesome in the last episode, but a lot of her personality is centered around her relationship with Danny.

Danny Miller:

played by Mitch Hewer.


And for the lulz:

What can one say about Danny Miller? I would like to have him as a friend, to be quite honest. He's nice and adorable, but still such a dude. Lmao. In the first episode, he and Lauren get together, and they stay together throughout most of the series, though he's also being chased by Claudine. In his central episode (episode 2) he finds out that he has dyslexia, and he's so darn adorable about it. He's just a really nice guy, and I'd like to have him as a friend. Even if in the last episode he tries to get back with Lauren, and when that fails, he tries to use the same lines on Claudine. Which is why he's more friend material than anything else.

Claudine Cameron:

played by Sapphire Elia:


When you first meet her, you immediately think she's a bitch. She acts like a spoiled, scheming princess who loves shopping, much like Sharpay Evans from HSM (and this coming from a Sharpay fan). But later on you learn how fierce she is. Well, first you learn how vulnerable she is, actually. She goes kinda wacko on her friends one night, insulting them and stuff after her scheme to steal Danny fails, and you learn about her really sad past. But yeah, after that she goes right back to being fierce and remains fierce throughout the rest of the series.

Lola Jonze:

played by Rana Roy


A bit of an airhead, and a bit gullible, Lola is a pretty nice girl. She wants to be a dancer, and is pretty darn good at what she does. She compromises her place in Britannia High three times, once because she becomes a little bit famous and it goes to her head, and twice because of a teacher she loves (the dark haired guy in those videos). Here is a picture of said teacher:


He leaves the school when he realizes his feelings for her and they get 'officially' together in the last episode.

BB Simmons:

played by Marcquelle Ward


Here's one of my favorite songs in this series, and he sings it:

And look at how much Jez loves him!:

He lives with his brother in the beginning of the series in a pretty bad neighborhood, but he still shows his determination through his efforts at Britannia High and his friendships. Tragedy occurs for him in the middle of the series, but he keeps going, which I think is pretty brave. I'd love to be his friend. Heck, I'd love to be friends with any of these characters. He is also Jez's best friend (though I kind of ship them).

Last but not least...

Jez Tyler:

played by Matthew James Thomas.


Jez is pretty much what the love child of Ryan Evans and Maxxie Oliver would be like. He's a performer, an amazing singer, an amazing dancer, and pretty awesome in many of other ways. He's a really good friend to BB and the others, and just wants to be appreciated (by his rich dad, who happens to be a Lord) for who he is. He and BB work on the school radio together, and they're quite the pair. I don't ship them just because they're best friends. There are many other reasons, but it's mainly because i think they would work well together. I don't ship best friends as a general rule, just ones that would be good to and for each other. Jez and BB fall under this category, even though they come from completely different worlds.


And here are the amazing teachers besides Stefan (the one Lola is in love with):

Mr Nugent, the principal and acting mentor:


Anna, the music mentor:


And who could forget Ronnie, the girl who is in love with Jez (and doesn't mind that he's gay)?:

Overall, this series gives me great joy. It seems like some sort of version of HSM on the surface, and I'm sure it was inspired by HSM, but it deals lots of issues head on. It's also really fun and makes me happy.

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