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Okay, so unfortunately the results of this week HAD to happen. When I say "unfortunately" I mean Anoop, not Lil. Because Lil's leaving is fortunate. So yeah. The bottom 3 consisted of: Lil (who was eliminated within the first few minutes of the show), Anoop and Allison. I honestly thought Matt was going to be in the bottom 3, but I think that he will be leaving next week. I'm annoyed at the people saying the judges wasted the save on Matt. You know, some people do like his voice.

So... The group performance was quite amusing. This one was lip synced and Paula choreographed it, but overall it was awesome. Kris was adorable, but hey, he's Kris. He was also adorable during the results portion when he found out he was safe. He seemed so genuinely happy about it. Also, I think I have to give Adam props. I know I say over and over that I'm not the biggest fan of his voice though he can definitely sing, I honestly wouldn't mind if he won this thing. He actually seems really nice and stuff too. He gives shoutouts to people who help him throughout his process and acknowledges those that others don't acknowledge. He seems like a great guy, and if he won, which he very well could, I wouldn't be disappointed. Especially if he's in the finals with Danny Gokey.

Speaking of Danny Gokey, someone tell him to get rid of that facial hair.

Okay, the guests.

Three famous disco people sang a medley of disco hits, and they weren't that good. But they're older now and time does put strain on the voice.

AND. DAVID ARCHULETA. He sang "Touch My Hand" - I actually like the song but it didn't sound that great tonight. I don't CARE though, he's still amazing and adorable. He gave Anoop and Allison a friendly reminder that even though lots of people didn't make it to the finals they're still living their dreams and releasing music and that this is totally not the end for them. He said it so nicely too. Awww David Archuletaaa.

And yeah, when we all found out Anoop was going home, well, it wasn't surprising. He was sad though, of course (and hey, Lil was too). They both maintained good attitudes about it though. No cawing or anything like that. They handled it well.

I guess here's my ranking of favorites out of who is left:

1 Kris
2 Allison
3 Matt
4 Adam
5 Danny

I have a feeling it'll be an Adam/Danny finale. I'm hoping that any of the others will pull through, though I know Matt is probably gonna leave next week. What is the bottom 3 gonna be? I'm scared for Kris, though he's never been in the bottom 3. :/ But wow, only five left.


So Danny told me that on ANTM, Allison was called first and Natalie left! Yay! I'm totally on the Creepy Chan bandwagon.

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