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not a real entry lmao

I feel so blah lately.

in order:

allison - "i don't want to miss a thing"

this was actually really good. i really liked it. it's kind of one of those songs that if you screw it up, you suck. but like... i think she did well with it. lmao @ Simon, calling her the "girls' only hope" for the competition.

anoop - "everything i do (i do it for you)"

was AWESOME. Ahhh, it was like his best performance EVER on the show.

adam - "born to be wild"

dude can sing, but my ears cannot take the high pitchedness.

matt - "have you ever really loved a woman"

it was ok. I didn't hear all of it.

danny - "endless love"

boring. and i'm getting tired of his vocals, too.

kris - "falling slowly"

AHHH. This was amazing! I don't know the song (fail for me) but yeah, it was amazing. I'm worried about him because he got mixed reviews from the judges (Randy was like "meh" and Kara was like "THAT WAS AMAZING").

lil - "the rose"

go away. stop talking back to the judges.

rankings of the night:

1. Anoop
2. Kris
3. Allison
4. Matt (didn't hear all of it, but the part I heard was good)
5. Adam
6. Danny
7. Lil

Edit next day:

Heck yes, they used the save on someone decent. Simon said to Matt that he had no chance of winning, but they were saving him anyway. And I think that the reason why is exposure. They want him to get exposure so that even if he does have no chance of winning because he is not Chosen, he has more exposure and has the chance of signing a better record deal than what he previously had (his stuff prior to Idol is like whutt). I mean, plus next week was the last week they had to use it and it was probably gonna be Anoop, Matt, and Lil again anyway. Next week two will be going home and it's probably going to be two of them. I'm worried it will be Anoop and Matt though Lil kind of deserves to go. She IS a good power-house singer, but her attitude really bugs me.

Other things:

Simon called Kris's performance brilliant. He didn't get a chance to talk last night, but I'm glad he did now. I'm glad he said that to Kris. I don't know, I really just heart Kris. I want him in the Top 4. Top 4 predictions: Adam (duh), Danny (duh), Kris, Allison. I hope? I know there's a Chosen Ones Adam/Danny finale in the making (probably). But I got seriously excited tonight when Ryan was like, "Danny, you've never been in the bottom 3. Matt, you have. Danny, this week, you...are. ... ... ... Safe." I was SO excited but then sad when he said "safe." Just cause I think that he needs that to humble him.

I really liked Anoop's attitude about being in the bottom 3 even though he was like one of the BEST performances last night. He was really good about it, and I really just like his attitude overall.

Also, even if I don't like Adam's singing all that much, I do think that he has a good attitude about the whole thing. He just seems really likable and someone I would be friends with if I were on Idol for some odd reason. I'd try to be friends with everyone, but like Adam seems pretty cool.

And I'm trying NOT to be slashy with him because he's married and whatnot, but dude... Kris's face when Matt was saved was EPIC. I secretly still read Idol Slash for amusement, though I only really did pair cookleta.

What am I doing? I need to do homework!

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