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Main plots: Mia can't do ~everything~ so she drops out of school, Holly J. gets an average grade on an art piece and freaks out, and Sav can't decide between physics and music class.

Ok so uh. Mia is whiny, and I'm glad she went back to school at the end and came up with a reasonable schedule for her modeling. She was being absolutely ridiculous. I understand that modeling gives her a lot of money, but seriously? OH, and Peter made an appearance, and he was amazing, yet again. He basically ran after Mia after she dropped out and told her to stay in school. And if he asked if it was because of what happened with him (trying to understand the situation, not really in an egotistical way), Mia told him to get over himself.


And then there was Holly J's plot. Oh, art teachers. I don't think I understand them. But you know what? Blue was adorable helping Holly J. out. I want to see more of him and Holly J together.

I didn't really care about Sav's plot. I think it worked out for him though.

Okay, thank god Scott got the boot. Scott is a great guy, and he seems really nice, but he was seriously not that great compared to a lot of the other singers. Now we just need Lil to go.

As for the performances: I don't know why the judges raved about Danny. I don't really like that version of "Stand By Me" - it doesn't seem to fit the song itself. His vocals were decent, but the tempo was not.

Kris did well, no matter what Simon said. I'm not being biased just because he's hot, either. I really did like it and downloaded the studio version the moment I could. I mean, maybe I just like his upbeat songs a lot or whatever, but I just think he did well.

Now I'll probably be going out of order. I liked Anoop's performance, but I honestly think the judges are gonna hate it whenever he does something upbeat (minus "My Prerogative") so I don't know how long he's gonna last now.

I really liked Allison's performance. I didn't know the song, so I downloaded the original as well, but I definitely think she did great.

Lil was boring.

Matt was really good. I'm glad he's through to the top 7. :)

And then there's Adam. Haha. Okay, I don't dislike Adam. I think he can definitely sing. But sometimes he gets TOO pitchy or too high, you know? At least for my liking. I didn't really like his version of "Mad World," but it was pretty controlled and he did it well. It just didn't appeal to me. But if it comes to him and Danny for the top 2, I definitely want Adam to win, haha.

The Ford commercial this week was hilariousss. Allison looked great though. And I loved how Adam was like "Oh yeah, this is right up my alley, I'm a theatre dude!" And Kris's eye makeup! AW.

I feel a tiny bit horrible for looking for hints of slash from all the season 8 pairings. BUT OH WELL.

Oh my, haha. So much angst in this episode. Well, anyway, I can understand the protesters' anger over their homes being turned over to Gath. It was upsetting that some people would pretty much have to live in another country if they wanted to remain at home. The biggest wtf was David's brother Ethan. He was okay, and then not ok, then okay, and then he is the spokesperson for his whole family and disowns David? Well, I guess it was right when David said they'd disown him if David took Silas's side.

And Michelle. I have mixed feelings about her this episode. Clearly she's smart and knows a lot about the politics of the country, even when she gets pushed aside. Going into that building was a really bad idea, but she wanted to create peace, and that I do not blame her for. She reasoned in a pretty smart way, and if it weren't for the crazy dude with the gun, I feel like they would have listened to her. Oh, and she and David were adorable, but I don't get why she wasn't acting really cold toward David (especially after "First Night")... I guess because he saved her life (as well as Ethan), but I do think she's been giving him so many mixed messages. I guess neither one of them has given up though, and that's fine. They're cute.

Silas is all angsty ever since he stopped seeing his mistress. And Thomasina is the one to point this out to him, which is awesome. She says it very bluntly. It's made him MEAN.

I don't get the point of Katrina yet.

And Jack is easily manipulated. Poor guy. And you know what, he looked SO TOUCHED when Silas offered him a seat in the ministry. Like, amazed and so happy and shocked at the same time. In the next episode apparently his and Katrina's relationship ~develops~. That will probably mean that Jack will use her as his beard. BRING BACK JOSEPH.

I guess I'm not too picky with pairings for this show. I kinda like them all (except for Jack/Katrina, lmao). I like David/Jack, David/Michelle, and Jack/Joseph. So with any of those, I'm fine. I personally want them all to have all those relationships at the same time. Wait, whattttttt.

AWESOMENESS. Complete awesomeness. I loved everything, and I actually found my self laughing out loud IN REAL LIFE at some things. I love this show, haha. I loved the Sam/Freddie interactions, and I loved how Freddie recorded that thing, "testing, testing, I loooooooooooooooove you, Carly" when testing the thing so that they could all sneak out. I loved Spencer being responsible but still being kind of goofy at the same time, and I loved the scene in the hallway when Mrs. Benson came along and embarrassed Freddie in front of everyone and the guy Sam thinks is cute hit Sam and Mrs. Benson with the basketball. Ahh, I love it!

How can a show be so awesome? Seriously. Anyway, I think the most memorable thing for me about this episode was Spencer dressed as an old lady. AND THE OLD DUDE THAT HIT ON HIM AS A WOMAN DIDN'T CARE HE WAS A MAN. He was like, "Put on the wig, and we can start over." and Spencer was like, "Oh haleee no." :D Nevel was awesome as always, and so was Gibby. Mandy is annoying, but I think she's a... well, a good person in general. And of course Carly, Sam, and Freddie were awesome. They generally always are.


A NOAH-KATHRYN-ROBYN LOVE TRIANGLE NEEDS TO HAPPEN. I LOVE THEM. LMAO. Robyn is growing on me. I guess I have a thing for super organized, super determined characters, though I am the complete opposite. And oh Kathryn, your parents called your friends sinners. I liked that she could acknowledge all the mistakes she made though, and that she's hanging out with her friends again. But her hanging out with Alicia? Big lmao-fest. Wtf @ the nightie revolution anyway?

Oh yeah, and Sam. She had to read a book about orphans for her lit class, and loved it. And then she brought along her new boyfrannn Rich to her childhood home, and had a conversation with the little girl who lives there now. I wonder what the little girl's mother was thinking?


Next week: Will Sam's deepest emotions scare Rich away?

Can't wait to see that. Emotions scare me away.

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