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i could say you're the top, you're the apex, you're the zenith

you're colossal, you're terrific, you're delovely

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newsies: they almost kiss

So... Sam has been in Panama for like half a year or something. Had a fling with a guy. He disappears. She goes back to Charles U. Is now a frosh-more. She immediately gets stuck in this whole thing where she has to look out for her cousin Alicia who is supposedly going to be the victim of a prank.

Uh... yeah. Well I like Noah of course. He's with this new girl Robyn who looks an awful lot like Dawn. And Kathryn confuses me. I like her and all, but apparently she promised her parents she wouldn't be friends with her old friends anymore? What's wrong with Noah and Sam? It was pretty much the high society bitches who screwed her over last season, right? And how will her parents know if she's friends with Sam and Noah? Do they have people watching her? Whatever, I have lingering shippy feelings about her and Noah.

It amused me that Alicia likes Lou, especially because they are played by Lauren Collins and John Bregar, who played Paige and Dylan on Degrassi.

Del seemed ok. At least he was honest with Sam about the whole Lou thing.

Poppi... ummmm. Hahah. Haven't seen enough of her yet to make a judgement.

Rich... is interesting. Lmao.

I'll continue watching.

Ding dong, Megan's gone.

Kris is perfect. Matt is awesome. Anoop tries a little too hard but I think he's adorable. Allison... surprisingly I agreed with Simon. I liked the beginning of her "Don't Speak" much more than the latter part. Lil is boring, Scott is boring, Danny's performance was actually alright. Adam's was... interesting.

My ranking now:

1. kris
2. anoop
3. matt
4. allison
5. adam
6. danny
7. scott
8. lil

Luckily I don't hate any of them. I wonder who goes next. I hope Kris stays.

lmao @ this week's episode

Jenny channeled her inner brat again, but I think the fact that she's friends with Eric and Jonathan (who continue to be amazing) is adorable. Blair and Nate... let's see where that goes, haha. Chuck and Vanessa... wtf? :O Serena going to Spain... what??? Dan's #1 fan is his half brother! :O I hope that Scott makes an appearance. Not very much to say about this, but it was mostly a big lmao.

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woah, did i miss something in the finale from last season? does it follow on? it seems like tons happened this episode but i still need to watch it!

Edited at 2009-04-05 02:00 am (UTC)

I don't think you missed anything. a LOT happened between the finale and the most recent episode. They skipped a whole semester. Like, how last season ended at the beginning of winter break, this one started three weeks into the NEXT fall semester.

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