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dear kings, why are you so amazing?


Basic plot: the queen is going to host a ballet. david's ticket gets taken away from him, so jack uses this as the perfect opportunity to take him out on the town. meanwhile king silas has to attend to his sick illegitimate son. and the good reverend does some amazing things.

JACK AND DAVID <3 Even if they don't embark on a relationship eventually, they must be epic best friends. They MUST. I'm so glad they finally interacted. There was also a lot of gay in this episode. But I mean, that's not the only important part of this episode. Jack basically sets up David so that he'll get caught with a floozy. But...

WE GET TO MEET JACK'S BOYFRIEND JOSEPH. Michael Arden :D He's so cute. Hahah. Jack snubs him (probably because of his father's comments about his sexuality) and Joseph is like "BUT I LOVE YOU" and Jack just has him thrown out of the club. Poor guy. I want to see more of him. Michael Arden, how I love thee. At the end Jack is all tortured soul like and freaks out on the girls who hang all over him when one (who almost seduces David) is like, "Yeah, you don't care about love, but David does." No doubt he's thinking about how he had to snub Joseph.

But my favorite interaction was when Joseph comes along and he and Jack start talking.

It goes like:

Joseph: I missed you
Jack: *looks at David*
Joseph: That the guy you came with?
Jack: If I don't call you back, take a hint.

In reality I know that he's snubbing him because of his dad, but seriously, that part is SO subtexty. All the fangirls, like, died over that.

King Silas taking care of his illegitimate son was cute, but at the end of the episode... eh. Haha. He just walked out of the hospital room and his mistress was like "SILLLLASSS!" triyng to get him to stay. He had an interesting storyline this episode. He talked to Reverend Samuels and of course the Rev was like >:( at him. Then he got into an accident and created roadkill... more animals, yeah. I wonder what the animal will be ~next week~

The queen tries to get Michelle to socialize with this guy, and he tells Michelle that her mom set up this date for them. This leads Michelle to conclude that her mom wants to keep David away from her. Apparently the world is conspiring to keep her and David apart.

And then there's that floozy Jack gets to seduce David. David kisses her outside, and pictures are taken (on behalf of Jack). But David doesn't sleep with her. He just leaves and stuff. But the pictures of him kissing her are released and Michelle turns on her computer in the morning and sees them online. DRAAAAAMA.

Next week it's back to the whole bringing down Silas thing. Jack is keepin' his friends close (David?) and his enemies (his dad) closer, apparently.

I can't wait for the explosion of Jack/David icons from people this week.

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